Naruto Rise of a Ninja for Xbox 360

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Naruto Rise of a Ninja

NARUTO takes place in a world where ninjas are the ultimate power. Uzumaki NARUTO is a ninja-in-training who is learning the art of ninjutsu with his classmates Sakura and Sasuke.

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New Xbox 360 Naruto from Ubisoft

Naruto: The Broken Bond to be released this Christmas.

3 Publish date Jul 16 2008

DLC Royal Rumble

Who comes out on top in this week's DLC round-up?

1 Publish date Jan 11 2008

Original Naruto voice cast downloadable post release

Ubisoft offering Xbox 360 gamers the chance to download the show's original voice cast for Naruto game.

1 Publish date Oct 31 2007

Microsoft focuses on 07 during pre-E3 briefing

Hugely impressive Holiday 07 line-up showcased during pre-E3 presentation.

2 Publish date Jul 11 2007

Ubisoft dates big titles for 2007

Dark Messiah, Hell's Highway, Splinter Cell, Haze and more all given European release dates.

1 Publish date Jun 19 2007

Xbox 360 gets exclusive ninja title

Ubisoft has announced the autumn 2007 release of Naruto Rise of a Ninja for Xbox 360.

Publish date May 15 2007

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DLC Royal Rumble in Article Comments

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Who the **** wants to download music videos for money when you can just watch them on YouTube on PS3 for free. Or you can download them off PC and put them on your memory stick then straight to PS3

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New Xbox 360 Naruto from Ubisoft in Article Comments

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That i do, not been watching Naruto for some time.

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