Monster Madness: Grave Danger screenshot
Monster Madness: Grave Danger screenshot

Monster Madness producer Lee Perez has moved to clarify comments made in an interview with in which he said "memory limitations" are the biggest challenge of developing on the PS3.

In a follow-up conversation with, Perez said that Monster Madness was designed to work solely with the Xbox 360's "unified 512 MB memory system" and PS3 port developer Psyonix had to "tweak the way the game loads textures and objects" on Sony's console, which has "a separate 256 MB of XDR main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory for the RSX".

Perez, associate producer at publisher SouthPeak Games, said of the challenges associated with PS3 development in an interview with last week: "The biggest thing is the memory. The PS3 only has 256 megs of memory. The 360 has 512 so you have twice the memory when you load a level. Now the offset to that is the Cell processor, so if you understand and your engine can understand how to use the multiple cores in tandem you can offset that. Theoretically you can do a lot more, especially if you have a lot of physics objects because it's very math intensive, not memory intensive. So finding that sweet spot where your game does well in both and it takes advantage of its individual skills is tough."

Perez's comments were met with anger by some PS3 fans who pointed out that Sony's console has collectively the same amount of memory as the 360.

When asked for clarification on his comments, Perez replied: "Developing for the PS3 versus the 360 each have pros and cons. I don't really want to get into that debate. What I was trying to say is that the original developer of Monster Madness designed the game solely with Microsoft's 360 unified 512 MB memory system. So we have to tweak the way the game loads textures and objects to play on the PS3, which has a separate 256 MB of XDR main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory for the RSX.

"The new developer, Psyonix, has great experience with UE3 and the PS3. Therefore we had a fairly smooth transition to the PS3. The problem was not the console's but the technical assumptions that were made in the game's original engineering. Multiplatform games really need to take into consideration the technical nuances of the systems early on."

Monster Madness: Grave Danger is set for release on the PS3 in Q3 2008.

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develo busted!'s Avatar
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develo busted!

Monster Madness woooooow what a great game of all times...................NOT ;graphics are like PSP or PS2.i rather buy mario for the DS.
Posted 19:43 on 17 June 2008
coconut-water's Avatar
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hah haaaa remember when he said that ps3 is inferior to the 360?
i agrre with brian.

now hes all "uhhh whe just need to do this so that it does the same thing"uhhhh bye"
Posted 19:38 on 17 June 2008
egil's Avatar
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props to Lee Perez for keeping it cool and clear.
Posted 16:38 on 17 June 2008
Brian's Avatar
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All developers really have to do is make the game for the PS3 from the start and then port it to the 360. That is much easier to do than the other way around and ends up making both games better. I think that's because the 360 is too easy for programmers to be lazy. The PS3 makes you think about everything but what's wrong with that? They should be making better games anyway. For the amount of money they sell the games for there's no excuse for lazy programming.
Posted 16:04 on 17 June 2008
Chappas's Avatar
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I read the first article, and i didn't think he was slating the ps3 what so ever, it's obvious he was only refering to one set of RAM not both of them combined. I'm a Ps3 fanboy myself & tbqh i don't mind admitting it, i hate the 360 but it was a good move on microsoft's part to make the 512mb unified.
With what he said about the cell i don't understand how anyone could think he was bashing the ps, he's stating fact and i challenge anyone to come here and say that 256mb of ram is better than 512.
Posted 14:24 on 17 June 2008
Gothdom's Avatar
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Next time, he should build hgis game on the Ps3 first and port it to 360. Most devs are seeing this as being easier.
Posted 14:00 on 17 June 2008


He clearly isn't 'bashing' the PS3, he's saying it can actually work out better if you can re-programme the game to use the multiple cores. All you need to do is read the whole piece, instead of just a couple of words.

If I said "The PS3 is terrible at playing bad games" I'm sure I'd have the same people jump on me suggesting I'd said that the PS3 was terrible!
Posted 13:32 on 17 June 2008
truBlue's Avatar
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Whatever this bloke says it doesn't matter. Bashing the PS3 is bashing and that is what he set out to do. If they can't cope with it stop making games and get back to whatever you did prior.
Posted 13:10 on 17 June 2008

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