Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Cheats for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360PS3

Midnight Club: Los Angeles will deliver a truly immersive next-generation racing experience that is second to none.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Collect the hidden Rockstar barrels to unlock the corresponding cheat option. Enabling a cheat will stop your progress in Career mode and disable the earning of money and reputation from races.

Unlimited Nitro: 10 barrels
Never Damage Out: 20 barrels
Unlimited Special Abilities: 30 barrels
Top Down View: 40 barrels
No Police: 50 barrels
No Fines: 60 barrels

Unlimited money:
Successfully complete Career mode.

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User Comments

dayer's Avatar
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how do u get the r8
Posted 17:16 on 16 February 2009
simole's Avatar


for those after the audi R8 once you have the A-licence go to classic autos at the beach i got my A-licence two days go 10/02/2009 i have just bought it to-day happy driving dudes
Posted 03:32 on 12 February 2009
josh's Avatar
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i want cheats
Posted 02:12 on 12 February 2009
simole's Avatar


Big cheese, at least you can veiw full licences though, but i think its a rippoff when you spend all that time getting all licences for the audi R8 just to find out that its not available & you cant buy it without having the downloadable contents for it, some how some where im not impressed
Posted 17:55 on 11 February 2009
Big cheese's Avatar
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Big cheese

yeah it took liek 5 emails for it to register me
Posted 10:49 on 11 February 2009
Big cheese's Avatar
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Big cheese

i had to do 4 emails for it to work i had to use my other xbox live account's email to connect both accounts on it
Posted 13:39 on 10 February 2009
simole's Avatar


i now have the A-licence from rockstars social club how do i get the downloadable content for the audi R8 dont anyone know about it please tell me
Posted 00:46 on 10 February 2009
simole's Avatar


Big cheese, i dont own a Xbox, but try to use other email address & re-register to rockstar social club, i had to register twice when you said where i could get hydraulics/airbags. my first email i used to register wouldnt let me so try it again, hope this helps let me know how it went
Posted 22:34 on 06 February 2009
big cheese's Avatar
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big cheese

urm every time i clicked on driving test it wouldn't load and i had to have a email sent to me to deactivate my account and activate it again urm i do this on the computer what is connected to my Xbox 360 and then it load erlier and i realized you had to do challenges on your game to unlock better licences
Posted 20:42 on 06 February 2009
simole's Avatar


thanks again Big cheese,dont know if this helps you, but what do you mean your driving test wont load, do you have a [flash plugin] i can veiw my driving test though the internet browser on my PS3. on the b-license what is [TIS MODULAR M304] what dose it do or unlocks
Posted 13:03 on 06 February 2009
Big cheese's Avatar
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Big cheese

no problem simole and yes you have to get the A licence to get Audi R8 i havnt got one but my mate told me how because my driving test wont work it doesn't load
Posted 11:21 on 06 February 2009
Tails's Avatar
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Yo Easiest Way to get money is to go to a wager race. Put it on full cash on the easiest level and just go wager after wager after wager.. it adds up quickly. Or go freeway driving with an easy or medium driver and just follow him down the highway over and over. Some races take less than 30 seconds.. I did that for bout 2 hours and had bout 200000 when i was finally bored of it. aha
Posted 09:28 on 06 February 2009
simole's Avatar


thanks Big cheese with my hydraulics/airbags problem, i ave 2 more questions, first question is how can i get download content when searched nothing happens, second how can i unlock the audi R8 do i get this when i ave completed driving test & get the A licence, thank once again
Posted 13:54 on 05 February 2009
Big cheese's Avatar
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Big cheese

you have to go on www.socialclub.rockstargames.com and sign up and log in and go on driving test
Posted 11:02 on 02 February 2009
simole's Avatar


is thier anyone who can tell me how or what unlocks hydraulics/air bags as its doing my head in please can someone help thank you
Posted 23:10 on 30 January 2009

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