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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames screenshot
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames screenshot

Upcoming open world action game Mercenaries 2 would be a "tough fit" for the Nintendo Wii, according to developer Pandemic.

Speaking to at an EA Games label event in London recently, Pandemic's Cory Lewis said that porting it over to Nintendo's motion sensing console "feels wrong".

"I think the Wii would be a tough fit for that product," Lewis told "Not to say it won't ever happen. But just porting it over to the Wii feels wrong. I know the guys, the senior leaders at Pandemic, like Josh (Resnick) and Greg (Borrud) and Andrew (Goldman), they're very committed to when we come out with a Wii product it's going to be created for the Wii. It's going to really take advantage of what it offers, not just grabbing this and throwing it over there kind of thing."

The first Mercenaries game, Playground of Destruction, was released on Xbox and PS2 only and the follow up, World in Flames, has been announced for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and PC. According to Lewis' comments, if Wii owners are to see a Mercenaries game in the future, it would probably be a version of the game made specifically for the platform.

Check out the full interview with Pandemic's Cory Lewis here, and, when you're done with that, make sure to pop over to our hands-on preview of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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hey my sis had said that!
Posted 23:45 on 08 September 2008
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this game sucks
Posted 23:43 on 08 September 2008
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If i were you, you should find out every concept or way to make it for wii. Because a lot of boring shooter games are for wii exept this one. Plus usually games get made for wii 1 month after it came out for other systems.
Posted 23:42 on 08 September 2008
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Ok... mercs 2 is realy great but i dont have any xbox360/ps3 or a good enough pc plus mercs 2 is awesome and you could make some of controlles by swinging the wii remote for knife or hold b and swing to turn or controll planes.
Posted 23:40 on 08 September 2008
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imm a HUGE Pandemic fan and AN EVEN BIGGER MERCENARIES fan.I own a wii and i think the game would be perfect for it.ive played shooters and there not that fun.But the genius minds behind the origanal mecenaries could make a wonderful turnout of the game if it was out for wii.its not the consoles fault.the great people at lucas arts and pandemic could make mercs2 the greateast game ever if it was for wii.and the profit would be buying the game either way but if it was out for wii it would be better.the console was made for shooters.expescially an AMAZING game LIKE MERCENARIES. as a fan and a paying costumer i say PUT THE GAME ON WII PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 21:10 on 30 August 2008

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