Mass Effect 3 screenshot
Mass Effect 3 screenshot

Shepard will have plenty of Reaper-shaped problems to solve in Mass Effect 3, but BioWare is still undecided if it'll be able to get to the bottom of one of the series' most commonly asked questions: what, exactly, does Tali's face look like?

In an interview with Xbox World 360 (via CVG), Mass Effect 3 art director Derek Watts emphasised that fan reaction to Mass Effect 3's redesigned characters has been mostly positive. "You know, [the fans have] been pretty receptive to the changes we've made. We haven't really had much negative feedback from them."

One of the most difficult redesigns was Tali, however. "We changed Tali - that was tough because people were very passionate about her. A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way.

"Like 'I thought she was going to look beautiful!' or 'I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!'

"We've had a lot of debate over Tali's face, but that's the one we kind of dread a lot. We're always 'well, let's talk about something else for a while!'

With only 9 months left until Mass Effect 3 is released, BioWare is going to have to make its mind up soon. "That's something we're going to have to decide," says Watts.

When asked whether or not people would just rather play with their old squads, Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson said "all feedback is valid. People wanted us to recreate the experience that we had with ME1 in ME2, and to them it meant that all those characters had to come back and do all the same kinds of things, but if we did that when you get together with someone a second time, that's very different.

"So much of the experience from ME1 was discovery. So we'll do that again with ME3, but we're focusing on a smaller squad with deeper relationships and more interesting interplay."

Will every single main character from Mass Effect 1 and 2 make an appearance? "Every main character is in there somewhere, kind of doing the thing that is right for that character," said Hudson.

"Zaeed for example is a very simple character and what he's up to is different to, say, Liara, who is very pivotal"

Last week BioWare said it might have cut 'too deep' with Mass Effect 2's customisation options, and that the third game would rectify this.

The developer is also looking for the right way to continue the Mass Effect series after the third game.

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Posted 14:26 on 04 July 2011

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Edelweiss@ Trip-l

i know exactly how you feel :(:(
Posted 15:01 on 08 July 2011
Endless's Avatar


Thing is...if Tali removed her mask...she'd pretty much die very quickly. I suppose they could have a translucent mask panel and simply show her eyes and lips or something, has mystery but reveals a little bit.
Posted 19:40 on 04 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ altaranga

True if they were going to follow the comics, but it was still good in my books.
Posted 18:40 on 04 July 2011
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ Wido

Sly can be awesome, and probably could have been awesome as JD, but the film was a pile of pish imo. They broke rule #1 ffs: Under no circumstances do you ever, EVER reveal Judge Dredd's face. Talk about wiping their arses with the entire backlog (well, apart from issue 1) of 2000AD.

It might have been better if they hadn't wasted half of their budget on that crappy Hammerstein robot and spent a the money on something more useful (like bribing the Hollywood exec who decided to show JD's face to go the other way instead).

Horses for courses, and off topic. Short answer: No To The Reveal!!
Posted 18:27 on 04 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ altaranga

Sly is awesome, and Judge Dredd was a decent film.

I would laugh my head off if Tali reveals her face to be Anne Robinson. She removes her mask to show us that she is Anne Robinson when it comes to Shepard's death in ME3. Before she commits the murder, the other party members will all vote to save Shepard or eliminate him, and of course the voiceover dude to appear from weakest link.

When they have voted, Shepard unfortunately gets given the boot and Tali/Anne Robinson face, gives him the evil wink of death.

Would be the best ever ending.
Posted 18:15 on 04 July 2011
altaranga's Avatar


Sly Stalone. Judge Dredd.

I'll leave it right there.
Posted 18:08 on 04 July 2011
Woffls's Avatar


I'm ready for my dreams to be crushed.

Posted 17:52 on 04 July 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


i think they shouldnt show her face, leave it down to players imagination, that way no one can be let down (apart from everyone who wanted to see her face), and besides some people (me included) wont b able to see her if they carry on their ME2 file if she died
Posted 16:03 on 04 July 2011
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Posted 14:26 on 04 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


I don't want to know - leave some of the mysteriousness in, Bioware. The Quarians as a race, and the Flotilla as their home, present the most interest just because they are so unknown.
Posted 13:26 on 04 July 2011


I think they should show her face if; Shepard sleeps with her or, at Shepard's funeral (presuming he can die)
Posted 12:36 on 04 July 2011
Trip-l's Avatar


Anybody else think this is just getting cruel? For me Mass Effect is the perfect embodiment of what a videogame should be and quite frankly this drip feeding of information is killing me.
There's still another 249 days to go FFS have a heart!
Posted 10:23 on 04 July 2011

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