Mass Effect 2 screenshot
Mass Effect 2 screenshot

Q: You mentioned the mining mini-game. I found that strangely therapeutic, almost addictive, despite how long it took.

CH: The feedback we had prior to releasing the game was generally exactly that. It was like, 'It's strangely addictive. It's kind of therapeutic'. But there were different personality types, too. And one of the personality types that we hadn't encountered was there were a lot of people that when they know that they can go and get resources through something like that, they literally want to mine the entire galaxy that night. And then, yeah, when you spend eight hours in a mini-game, it does become… there's only so much too it. And we never expected that it'd be played that way. We thought people would noodle in it a bit, get a few resources to get an upgrade, and then go back and do the rest of the game.

Q: Are you ditching it completely for the third game?

CH: No. Again, when you look at the feedback, there are things that people liked about it, and functionally it serves a purpose. I don't think there's a problem with any of those. I think it's the way people relied on it, and the way we relied on it maybe too much in parts of the story. And also just when you think about the speed of it.

Q: I remember when I got the upgrade that made the scanning reticule faster, it felt like the greatest upgrade I'd ever got in a game, because it cut so much time out of the process. Another observation I had was that I didn't identify with a singular evil bad guy. There was the leader of the Collectors, but I didn't identify with him in the same way I identified with Saren from the first game. I also felt like the end boss came out of nowhere. Is that feedback you've found elsewhere? Are you taking that on board?

CH: We were happy with the way it came together. Structurally it was a different kind of story. There are good things about the way that structure worked. It was kind of tied in with the fact that we had a suicide mission story, and that allowed us to make the character stories part of the main plot. Even if their loyalty mission is something that's not combat-oriented or whatever, it could be something that affects the way the whole mission goes in the end. The fact that there's all mystery around that end mission is really a cornerstone for the whole structure of the story. But it also means that when you reveal the mystery, there's always a risk in holding a mystery until the end and then revealing it. For a lot of people they love the ending. It just comes down to different types of players and personality types. One of the reasons why we made an ensemble cast of characters is because we know everybody identifies with different people. We don't even know who the most popular characters are. But even more importantly, for every different kind of person, there are different kinds of people in the game that you identify with, and they become your best pal in the game.

Q: Of the party members, who worked best and who worked least well?

CH: For me it was one that a lot of people say they didn't like, which is Jack. And for a reason that is opposite from what a lot of people say about her. A lot of people want to think the worst and they'll say, 'Oh she's a marketing gimmick'. For me she is totally the opposite. I think she was one of the most authentic characters. I know people liked her. She has her guard up, and the reason she has her guard up is because on the inside she is afraid. If you ever get to that soft inside, she's revealed something sensitive to you that you don't want to hurt. It's an interesting dynamic that I think comes across in a really authentic way if you're open to that being a real character.

Q: That's interesting.

CH: But there are people who are totally in love with Miranda. She was a simpler character I think, but a lot of people really responded to her. I'm always amazed at the way people respond to different characters. One of the most reproduced moments in fan art that I've seen is characters female Shepard with Garrus in the end of their romance. It's not even a love scene. They kind of hug and put their heads together. Obviously for a lot of people that meant a lot to them because there are hundreds and hundreds of paintings out there that people have done of that moment that they're sharing.

Mass Effect 2 screenshot

Q: Looking to the future, you have new downloadable content coming out soon. For how long will you release DLC for Mass Effect 2? How long before it stops and attention turns to Mass Effect 3? Or will you support Mass Effect 2 right up to the launch of Mass Effect 3?

CH: It's hard to say. We have a bunch of packs that are in the works right now. So, for the time being there's going to be a continued stream of DLC for people. We'll start to have packs that'll tell the story between Mass Effect 2 and 3. But beyond that we kind of have to see how people are responding to what we have and go from there.

Q: Do you know when you'll be ready to talk about Mass Effect 3? Is it far off, or are we looking at a similar time frame between 2 and 3 as there was between 1 and 2?

CH: It probably won't be for quite a few months that we talk about Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 2 Overlord downloadable content is due out soon.

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Ezee-T's Avatar


When my two brothers finished the game before I did they both had a few of their squad die when the Normandy went through the Omega Relay. It took me a while to realize that they both didn't spend enough time mining so I took my time and acquired as many upgrades as possible.

The look on their faces when the cinematic played out, without me losing a single squad member, was priceless. Thank You BioWare!!!!
Posted 06:35 on 21 May 2010
Zephy's Avatar


Drawing Garrus fanart since he is just that amazing? Guilty as charged :3
Posted 02:51 on 21 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Chris, you're my kinda guy ;)
Posted 20:10 on 20 May 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Mass Effect 2 - my all time favourite game.
Posted 16:04 on 20 May 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


only a couple of months til he starts talking about mass effect 3 cant ait to see what they will do next! dint expect this either but still mass effect 2 is probz one of my favourite game of all time
Posted 15:38 on 20 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


That was a lovely surprise Wes.
Still one of my favourite games of all time :D
Thank you, this was brilliant mate :)
Posted 15:27 on 20 May 2010

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