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Tom Orry, Editor - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot

It's easy to hate on CoD, but I think it's one of the most consistently entertaining franchises around - especially if you break the Modern Warfare games away from the rest. I'll admit that I'm more or less ignoring any depth to the story in MW3, instead focusing on taking in all the insane set-piece events and enjoying the thrilling combat. I'm only about a fifth of the way through the campaign, but it's great fun - albeit a bit grisly at points when I'm not sure it needs to be. I've just finished the London Underground sequence and while there's an argument for it being overly sensational, cheaply latching onto the kind of events we fear most, it wasn't half a good rollercoaster.

Neon Kelly, Deputy and Features Editor – Mass Effect 2, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 screenshot

I've been largely resisting the buzz and hype, but there's only so long that I can hold out before curiosity gets the better of me. I need to play Mass Effect 3, and I want to import my old character. But there's one problem: My Mass Effect 2 Shepard turned out to be a bit of a tool.

I tried to play him as pure Renegade, you see, but it didn't work out. I couldn't stick to the toughest decisions, and he ultimately turned into a bit of a ditherer. It ended badly: he screwed things up with Jack, annoyed Miranda, and got Tali exiled. Kelly got blitzed in the frappé machine, and when Dr Chakwas had a go at me I sent her back to the ship alone (I knew that would kill her, and I still feel bad about it). Worst of all, I handed over That Thing to the Person Who Probably Shouldn't Get It. I blame Mordin for this: He initially said it might be a good idea, then changed his mind after the fact. Screw you, Mordin!

This is actually my third run through, after an aborted attempt at playing as a Vanguard. This time I'm an Infiltrator FemShep, and this time there will be no mistakes. I'm going Renegade all the way: I've roughed up Veetor, decked the reporter, and now I'm bitching my way across the galaxy. Never mind the Reapers, I'm the one who's going to ruin your day.

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

Does anyone even read this anymore? I don't know. I don't care. Skyrim is the best game. I never want it to go away, which is probably why I'm putting off finishing it so much. I've been forced to endure loads of other (mostly terrible) games this week, but I only really played Skyrim. I'm so far off the beaten track I literally have no idea where I am - I spent about an hour clearing out some Dwemer ruins (Mzulft, Tamriel fans) and hoovering up loads of cogs for some chap who wanted them. Why is this fun? I don't know, but I love it. I'm very confused. Skyrim?

Emily Gera, MMO Editor - Mass Effect 3, Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 screenshot

It's no secret that I love character creators with a passion no human being should ever commit to character creators. I spent about 40 minutes creating the most hideous FemShep I possibly could, obsessing over how far apart I could make her eyes, how grotesquely elongated I could make her jaw, how improbably huge I could make her nose until the end result was something that looked like Bruce Forsyth after a nuclear holocaust. Brilliant so far. Oh and apparently there's a game bit that happens after the character creator, I'll try and remember to check that out.

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User Comments

EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Hehe, sounds like a couple of folk have had bad luck on the gambling side then? It sounds appealing though and I could do with a way of getting cars quicker. It beats racing the Wilder twins and whoever the flip Stewart is.
Posted 11:41 on 26 March 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ EverTheOptimist

Heh, nope - I'm a 360-only gamer thus far, sorry. :p As for the DLC, just ask FM here - two good new cars (an Audi and a Spyker), plenty of achievements, and poker tournaments that still seem fairly popular. Ask Wido about the slot machines and their rewards also included within the content... ;)
Posted 11:26 on 26 March 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ dav2612

1) Grab a cooking book, ask 6 year old to pick any page, then tell them a random story whilst pretending to read.

2) Ask them to curl their toes into tight 'fists', then release, then tense up and release all their muscles from ankles to finally forehead. They usually drop off instantly after that.

3) Anaesthetise them (only if you're qualified to do so). Ever seen an anaesthetist complain about getting their kids to sleep? Thought not :)

Mostly Star Ocean: The Last Hope again for me this week, 100 hours in and I've finally broken the level cap for everyone via unlocking Battle Trophies, so now the real game can begin.

And a bit of Forza 4, realised I'd already done my 10th Season but forgot about working through the Event List, so rectifying that now.
Posted 11:17 on 26 March 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I didn't see the 360 one in the shop unfortunately, I thought you had the PS3 version too. D'oh! No, I haven't looked at DLC yet, but if I enjoy it and play it plenty I'm sure I'll have a gander. Worth it then?
Posted 10:53 on 26 March 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ EverTheOptimist

Ever: Gah, if only you had the 360 version of TDU2... could have shown you some of the really fun/interesting areas. Have fun driving on every single stretch of road! ;) Have you gone for the Casino Island DLC?
Posted 10:29 on 26 March 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


I finished Mass Effect last week and I bloody loved it. I keep saying it and I'll say it again, I was a prick to miss this when it was released and now I'm paying the price. Waiting to get a copy of ME2 but I'm playing online with Mass Effect 3 and it makes me want to jump in the game. My galactic readiness is now 100% and I've completed a few of the none story related achievements.
Posted 10:17 on 26 March 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I finished Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 this week and I've been playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 as well.

When I first started playing Killzone 2 (having never played any of the other games in the series) I wasn't blown away. Everything was grey, the combat was so-so, the voice acting was rubbish and the story was non-existent. It's such a grower though, and by the end of the game I came away thinking it was one of the best shooters I'd played. There are so few shooters that build themselves up to a genuinely exciting climax and during the last couple of hours it was ridiculously intense. The only thing that let it down was the story. When certain characters bit the dust it was played out in a ludicrously dramatic way considering I knew nothing about them and didn't care what happened. This might just be because I haven't played the original though.

What to say about Uncharted 2? Well, it might, just might, be the best game I've played. Everything about it is amazing - the graphics, characters, story, action, environments and gameplay meld together so nicely that it was very difficult to put down. This is my problem with the upcoming film - Uncharted 2 is so cinematic that I can't imagine a film version coming anywhere near it. There were times when I was waiting for the cutscene to end without realising it had finished and I could actually play that part. I've heard 2 is the peak of the series, but I'm still looking forward to getting my paws on the final (?) game.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is...interesting. Every time I play I wish there was a weapons element so I could get rid of the horrendous characters in it ("OMG U SHUD TOTALLY GET COSMETIC SURGERY!!!!") It feels a lot like the first to be honest, and while the island is far from exciting in terms of what you can see and do, it's still fun. I've got used to the bizarre driving and I've almost got enough to buy my first house, so good times await!
Posted 10:17 on 26 March 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Only two titles this week, as my doctoral research is hitting a critical juncture... :-/

Finished Mass Effect 3, and without any spoilers, can say the "green" ending was nowhere near as bad as I feared, given the ensuing campaign to have things changed. It was certainly memorable, and a powerful statement. I rather enjoyed it, and can't wait to see anything new for the series, DLC or title-wise. Started a Veteran playthrough, and zooming through it to try and collect all the achievements, but really tempted to play through ME2 again...

A couple of very quick goes on Dead Island round off this week, for me. A lot of missed potential in the explorative and foraging side of things, but overall I am very impressed with the overall design ethos. You have to put effort into taking down just a single standard zombie, and so easily overshadows Left 4 Dead, with its one hit to take several down at once swarm-based mechanics, in that regard.
Posted 09:45 on 26 March 2012
dav2612's Avatar


This week I've mainly been playing the new game by Nocturnal Games, Get Your 6 Year Old To Sleep. I've been playing co-op with the wife and this one is rock hard. Never had any issues with the other games in the series.

Other than that I've just completed a 2nd play through of Batman Arkham City, dabbled in a spot of Angry Birds Space and become quite obsessed with hitting the 50X multiplier in one of the mini games in Super Stardust Delta.
Posted 09:00 on 26 March 2012
scaz2244's Avatar


same as martin, been pushing through skryim, mainly trying to get rid of being a gay vampire which i hated so much but at the same time enjoyed stalking my prey for my next vital bit of blood.

also been playing bit of bf3, managing to get used to the helicopters now but still prefered it on bad company.
Posted 20:01 on 25 March 2012
MJTH's Avatar


I give up... I can't do it.... I was playing today Fire Emblem: sacred stone.... having spent supposedly 30 hours on the game (most of which was grinding levels) I realised that my characters are STILL grossly under levelled... and I'm stuck in a battle because the game sprung chapter 15 (of 21) on me without letting me have a break between chapters for once... I have no back up saves and no way out without, even with a game over... Even if I could get out I don't have the gold spend on getting new equipment after a long grinding session....

I don't have the skill to beat this level without the deaths of most my characters, and I'm not restarting the game from the beginning AGAIN.... So I give in...
Posted 16:40 on 25 March 2012

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