Mass Effect screenshot
Mass Effect screenshot

BioWare is "working towards Mass Effect 2", publisher EA has told

While developer BioWare has always talked about the game as being part of a trilogy, it wasn't until an update on the official Games Developers Conference website detailed a session titled: "The Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 2" that the sequel's existence was brought to light.

This morning, EA confirmed the game is in the works. A representative told us: "They've (BioWare) talked about it being a trilogy. It's no surprise that they are working towards Mass Effect 2."

The news will delight fans of the original Mass Effect, a sci-fi RPG released at the end of 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PC.

The GDC session, which will feature Corey Andruko (Project Manager, BioWare) and Dusty Everman (Lead Technical Designer, BioWare) as speakers, will examine the Mass Effect team's "new level-creation process" with graphical examples.

No details on what platforms Mass Effect 2 will be released on were forthcoming from EA.

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davids12345's Avatar


Since EA bought the franchise it was pretty much for sure that ME will come to the PS3 regardless of an economic crisis or a boon! Some people said that because MS was the publisher of ME 1, that implied that ME would remain XBOX exclusive. That myth was totally dispelled when EA published the game for the PC. It was not even developed by BioWare. Thus, even if Bioware said porting ME to PS3 would distract them and make them lose time, their point was rendered moot by EA going with another developer. Those two things show that EA can 1) publish the game for PS3 regardless of the fact that they were not the publisher for the original ME, and 2) they can create ME 1&2 for PS3 using another developer without "distracting" Bioware at all.

Now, having said that it must be recognized that the only intention of PS3 fanboys in asking for ME in the PS3 is that it will mean there will be one less exclusive game for the XBOX. That's all what they care about. That would make feel the PS3 fanboys that, regardless of the size of their little d1ckz, at least Xbox has one less exclusive game, so life is not so bad after all.
Posted 21:06 on 20 January 2009
Wido's Avatar


Shall be getting this no matter of a doubt, this time though on the PS3 as of the DLC they would offer. Like they did with the 360 on which I missed out.

Sheppard = Kick Ass
Posted 18:45 on 14 January 2009
dudester's Avatar


Mass effect on pc which is the latest release remember was published by EA. It wasn't even a games for windows game. I hope it is a simultaneous release but my platform of choice for it will be pc.
Posted 15:40 on 14 January 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


i will be geting this game when it hits the stores,as i enjoyed the frist game.
Posted 15:37 on 14 January 2009
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i want :

1)Better inventory system

2)Better combat , not the crap AI from the first game and intense battles

3)Better Classes , and not the almost-same ones from the old game

4)Mindblowing story from the first game , continuing to be the same

5)More cutscenes , like the last one from first game

6)If possible , the choice to play with the AWESOME , just AWESOME alien races . Separate campaign for each alien character later released from DLC
Posted 12:50 on 14 January 2009
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EA's owns Bioware but Mass Effect is Published by MICROSOFT game studios. It is a PC 360 Exclusive now, and forever.
Posted 12:32 on 14 January 2009
Bongo-bong's Avatar
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Wooo I want this so bad!!
Posted 12:09 on 14 January 2009
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It is EA who has to make money since the company is in a very bad shape. ME2 will be released at the same time on PC/PS3 and X360

as simple as that
Posted 11:53 on 14 January 2009

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