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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Preview for Xbox 360

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds screenshot
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds screenshot

It's early days yet, but the feeling I'm getting is that this accessibility will encourage players to pick up and use a greater spread of characters than with something like SF4, where people tend to pick one or two fighters to "main". Naturally high-end players will still do this, but there's such diversity on display here that most of us will gleefully flit back and forth between our favourites - and since MvC3 is a three-on-three game, the potential for interesting teams is enormous.

The build I've been playing only features 30 of the thus-far-confirmed 34 fighters, but even so I've been utterly spoiled for choice. Deadpool continues to delight with his fourth-wall-breaking, play-it-to-the-crowd tomfoolery, but it's the evil Super Skrull who's slowly emerging as my favourite from the Marvel side. He's got a decent projectile attack, a meaty throw move and an extremely handy rapid-tap move, Tenderizer, that can be used for cheap air combos if you're feeling lazy; for this reason, I wouldn't be surprised to see him emerge as a popular choice online. Iron Man is just as annoyingly effective as he was in previous Capcom fighters, while the flame-skulled Dormammu plays an interesting keepaway game, in a not too dissimilar style to Blackheart in Marvel Super Heroes and MvC 2.

On the Capcom side, Chris Redfield continues to offer near-criminal levels of fun; it may be cheap to spam you opponent with shotgun and magnum attacks, but that doesn't stop it from being undeniably entertaining. One of his higher-level Hyper Combos also sees him whipping out a rocket launcher, letting the player direct control of where the missiles go; it's utterly ridiculous, and allows for total humiliation of the other player. Using Wesker effectively is a bit more challenging since his short-range style relies upon you getting right up in your opponent's face, but his teleport certainly allows for a few mind games, which seems appropriate.

To be honest, I'm still struggling to get much use out of the midget-sized brawlers - Viewtiful Joe can piss right off, as far as I'm concerned - but I'll admit that I've got a soft spot for Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts. When he takes too much of a battering his armour falls off, leaving him to fight in his underpants; at this point he's pretty much dead if you don’t tag him out or re-clothe him with his hyper combo. Neat little references like this are to be found absolutely everywhere in MvC3. It's a wet dream for Capcom and Marvel fans alike, so serious aficionados of both are liable to slip into some form of serotonin overdose.

Regardless of the clears stabs at opening the game up to new players, hardcore veterans have little cause to worry about the action being dumbed down. I'm still very much learning the ropes, but as I say it's already clear that there's a huge degree of depth to the combo system for people who put the hours in - not to mention advancing guards, snapback moves and other high-end mechanics that are probably best discussed elsewhere.

The only potential concern I can foresee lies in the character balance. With such a massive set of fighters available, it's almost inevitable that one or two choices will tower over their peers. At the moment it seems as if Dr Doom can kill his opponents by simply looking at them in funny way - he really is that godlike. The build I've been playing certainly isn't final, but I have a feeling that he and one or two others may generate strangled cries of "BS!" and "he's so OP!"

On the other hand, his name is Dr Doom; he didn't spend three years on a Ph.D in Disaster Studies at the University of the Apocalypse for nothing, did he?

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will be released on February 18 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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User Comments

chelskiboy247's Avatar


A fighting game which is more accessible than SSFIV? Sounds perfect!
Posted 18:08 on 11 January 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


Much excite!

With you Wido on the others too, new MK sounds really decent again and I can't wait to try out some deadly Kratos action...
Posted 18:01 on 10 January 2011
Wido's Avatar


Definitely one of many games that I will be getting this year. MvC3 is barking right up my street. Three fighting games to enjoy. MK, MvC3 and SSFIV 3DS.
Posted 17:01 on 10 January 2011
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Can't wait for this :) seems like its more accessible than SFIV.
Posted 14:28 on 10 January 2011

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