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Before we knew it, December was upon us and all the games had arrived in stores in time for everyone to buy them as presents. We've got the reveal of our Game of the Year coming after Christmas, but for 24 days starting December 1 we'll bring you a new contender for the title. Please note that these games are in no particular order, but feel free to speculate on where they might appear in our final list.

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor

Mark of the Ninja is a real class act; a stealth game where the sneaking doesn't plod, the action stays taut and the levels retain a sense of real freedom. Shoved out unceremoniously at the end of summer 2012 - because Microsoft would much rather promote Fable Heroes and Wreckateer, for crying out loud - Mark of the Ninja is a virtually undiscovered treasure which eclipses a good chunk of everything else on the market right now. Klei have always been a developer with an affinity for style, but it's with Mark of the Ninja that the studio finally sinks its teeth into something of real substance too. It's not the longest game, but that doesn't matter - it's an empowering adventure that you're likely to want to play two or three times, and every time you sit down to play you'll have a blast.

Tom Orry, Editor

I was sceptical about Mark of the Ninja. Klei's Shank games left me cold, but Martin insisted Mark of the Ninja was way better than those titles. Annoyingly, he was right. It's sad that I didn't play this earlier in the year, but it completely passed me by. Heck, if Dave doesn't own it (and he owns everything), something must have gone wrong with the promotion. Still, there's no excuse not to buy it now. Or you could wait to see if this stealthy delight appears in one of Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade sales or a Steam sale this Christmas.

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User Comments

HE153NB3RG's Avatar


Looks like it could be a good un this one. Just one thing about the review, if the idea of the game is to sneak and it snuck by the populus then that isn't ironic it's apt.

I'm splitting hairs but I do that but as with most of the reviews I'm seeing on here it's superb and fit for purpose.
Posted 01:34 on 17 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ reynoldio

Yeah it was before for about 8 quid.

It's a steal for a tenner as well.

I'm really hoping this is top 5 at least on
Posted 18:33 on 14 December 2012
reynoldio's Avatar


Steam sale fo' sho'.
Posted 18:20 on 14 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ AndySpence

I have played 50 odd games this year and it's the best game I have played this year easily.

Looks like Shank but very very different, Martin somes it up brilliantly. I bumped into by acident when it came out and since I have been urging people to get lol

It will be in the Xbox sale but I don't know how much it will be, on the 20th of December so I would suggest waiting until then.

other stuff for sale is on this link with Fez catching my eye.
Posted 16:03 on 14 December 2012
AndySpence's Avatar

AndySpence@ rbevanx

Is it worth it Bevan? I've just finished Shadow Complex and that was epic! this looks a lot like Shank..?
Posted 15:40 on 14 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


This game is just fantastic and it's gonna be in the Christmas Xbox sale guys!
Posted 11:40 on 14 December 2012

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