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Lost Planet is a game we've all played a fair bit of here at VideoGamer.com. Despite its annoying problems, the Xbox 360 game sports brilliant visuals and some rock-hard old-skool gameplay that make it well worth owning, especially if you have a soft spot for giant bugs. PS3 owners have had to wait a long time for their chance to play in the snow, but has it been worth it? Read on for our verdict on which console version of Lost Planet is the one to buy. Alternatively, head directly to our head to head video comparison or straight to our comparison screenshots.


Lost Planet arrived on the Xbox 360 early in 2007 but it still stands as one of the system's best looking games. The snow-covered levels look gorgeous, the giant bugs are incredibly detailed and the next-gen effects (such as the awesome looking motion blur) add a CG movie-like quality to proceedings. All this visual splendour didn't come at a cost to the frame rate either, with the game running at a brisk pace for the most part. On the PS3 things aren't nearly as pretty, mainly down to the sluggish frame rate that plagues almost every moment of the game. During certain boss fights it gets so bad that it actually has a negative effect on gameplay too. Motion blur also seems to be worse in the PlayStation 3 game, which has a drastic effect on the movie-like appearance of the game.


While recent multi-format releases have been pretty much neck and neck in terms of visual quality, Lost Planet is far prettier on the Xbox 360. In still shots the differences aren't completely obvious, but in motion the sluggish frame rate in the PS3 version and the differences in motion blur are clear to see. It's an easy victory for the Xbox 360 game.

You can see a direct comparison of the two games running side by side in our Lost Planet Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 video. PS3 footage was taken from the final retail game over HDMI with RGB Full and Superwhite set to On. The Xbox 360 footage was taken from the final retail game over Component with the Reference level set to Expanded. The intention is the show the difference in frame rate between the two games.

Onto page 2 for a sound comparison.

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User Comments

Netmind's Avatar


I agree with danteex and ivan.. 360-fanboys, not just cause of the reviews but everything is set to a Xbox360 default thing. Search for a game, you will see the "Xbox 360" text is in bold while the others is not, why is that? Why do you always come to the 360 part of a game when you click to read a review?
I'm not sure, but also looks like all the reviews is written after trying the game on 360 only. It might be a better experience on PC..
Posted 16:39 on 26 February 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


Looks to me, from the screens (and some video) that in terms of graphics, the PS3 has the edge. Harder edges, better definition.
Though, the darker, deeper (in my opinion - I know this is a matter of contention) appearance of the PS3 is also a plus. The notable time this doesn't apply is when the player character is shown preparing to ascend a shaft with the grapple, and the bot fight (suspect a visuals trade-off in that latter case, by Capcom, in favour of frame rate)...Which is definitely getting slower in that hive section with all the rocks.

I don't know about anyone else, but I appreciate having a concise account available of differences, and accompanying opinion. No matter your view, you can't deny that the media is right there for you to compare, as well.
Posted 16:38 on 26 February 2008
TomO's Avatar


In the Burnout review and comparison we stated that the PS3 game has the slight edge visually. The Xbox 360 game won overall due to other factors, not just visuals. I can understand that people are unhappy about PS3 games being inferior to their Xbox 360 counterparts, but that's not our fault. Instead of moaning at us for pointing these things out, perhaps you should direct your anger at the people that make the games.

We have no bias towards a single platform. Would people prefer we ignore the truth simply to please a set of gamers that can't believe a PS3 game can be inferior? We all know the PS3 is a powerful console, but if it's not being used well we're going to point that out.
Posted 15:49 on 26 February 2008
RaZoR_GTX's Avatar


I agree with Ivan, so far any game thats been released on PS3 has been slated or knocked down! Ive spoken to many gamers about burnout, and most of them say PS3 really surprised them with the difference, im included, but when you reviewed it, you made it out to be no comparison to the 360. Im sorry but your turning into gamespot! Who are known to be biased towards PS3. So far Sony are doing a good job, Killzone 2 will prove this, if it flops on reveiws you can slap me, but do not under estimate sony.
Posted 15:10 on 26 February 2008
kris's Avatar
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you do realise that you are probably ruining the picture on the ps3 by having RGB FULL and SUPERWHITE switched on. These settings are often misunderstood.
Posted 14:55 on 26 February 2008
TO Tom0's Avatar
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TO Tom0

Yes you do, but thats alright :D
Posted 13:28 on 26 February 2008
TomO's Avatar


We don't compare games based on what the systems are capable of. In the case of Lost Planet the Xbox 360 game is better. Had the PS3 game been better then we'd have said so. There is no bias. The point of this article isn't to work out if the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3 - it's just so readers can see which version of Lost Planet is better.
Posted 13:17 on 26 February 2008
danteex's Avatar
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lol! this guys dont know what they are talking about! clearlt 360 fanboys!
Posted 13:16 on 26 February 2008
Ivan_PSP's Avatar
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Videogamer.com is paid by Microsoft i guess. Everyone that works for this website is an Xbox 360 fanboy. Who cares about graphics PS3 has the best despite what you may see or believe. And Lost Planet sucks Capcom is starting to make worthless games like EA and Microsoft. 2008 PS3 will make Xbox 360 disapear obsole wipe it outer this whole entire universe. The PS3 has like 100 A+ exclusive and Rockstar is going to be PS3 only
Posted 12:58 on 26 February 2008

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