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Lost Planet is a game we've all played a fair bit of here at VideoGamer.com. Despite its annoying problems, the Xbox 360 game sports brilliant visuals and some rock-hard old-skool gameplay that make it well worth owning, especially if you have a soft spot for giant bugs. PS3 owners have had to wait a long time for their chance to play in the snow, but has it been worth it? Read on for our verdict on which console version of Lost Planet is the one to buy. Alternatively, head directly to our head to head video comparison or straight to our comparison screenshots.


Lost Planet arrived on the Xbox 360 early in 2007 but it still stands as one of the system's best looking games. The snow-covered levels look gorgeous, the giant bugs are incredibly detailed and the next-gen effects (such as the awesome looking motion blur) add a CG movie-like quality to proceedings. All this visual splendour didn't come at a cost to the frame rate either, with the game running at a brisk pace for the most part. On the PS3 things aren't nearly as pretty, mainly down to the sluggish frame rate that plagues almost every moment of the game. During certain boss fights it gets so bad that it actually has a negative effect on gameplay too. Motion blur also seems to be worse in the PlayStation 3 game, which has a drastic effect on the movie-like appearance of the game.


While recent multi-format releases have been pretty much neck and neck in terms of visual quality, Lost Planet is far prettier on the Xbox 360. In still shots the differences aren't completely obvious, but in motion the sluggish frame rate in the PS3 version and the differences in motion blur are clear to see. It's an easy victory for the Xbox 360 game.

You can see a direct comparison of the two games running side by side in our Lost Planet Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 video. PS3 footage was taken from the final retail game over HDMI with RGB Full and Superwhite set to On. The Xbox 360 footage was taken from the final retail game over Component with the Reference level set to Expanded. The intention is the show the difference in frame rate between the two games.

Onto page 2 for a sound comparison.

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Bob's Avatar
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.. im sorry 360 buddys but i have both a 360 and a ps3.. im not a huge gamer but i rented them both just to end this.. my friend played 360 while i played ps3.. we came up to a conclusion, and ps3 is surperior in this game, we also learned that 360 online play sucks 4 this game. but we did notice messed up timing of the bullets being shot on ps3 like i had a rifle and shot sum1 rite next to me i waited a whole second for the dude to die.. weird also if u shoot bullet in a wall it dissapears after 2 seconds(yes in both versions) =/
Posted 22:24 on 11 January 2009
Jakermo's Avatar
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everyones putting the ps3 down and i dont understand why, its and awesome system and right now blueray is coming on top of HD and i think its a great thing because its about it that something the ps3 has is being noticed. and i agree with Netmind because there right about the xbox being noticed more like when you search a game it comes up for 360. Sonys a powerful company and it will overpower microsoft and it should!
Posted 19:02 on 28 March 2008
Ginger_Jesus's Avatar


Their is no (Fanboyism) on this site, well I don't think there is. Anyway moving onto my point, why VG would have a review of Lost Planet for the 360 is because it came out before the PS3 one of course. And alot of people own a 360 compared to the PS3, but the PS3 is slowly picking up the sales but Nintendo are in their way as well so do not forget that.

So in a way the 360 will come first, because more people own a 360 than the Wii and a PS3 but together. Its just a conincedence to be honest.
Posted 17:48 on 27 February 2008
Slappy's Avatar
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First off I own and enjoy both game systems, and I agree that the 360 definitely looked better for this particular game. But for the people complaining.. no one is saying one system is better then the other for all games. This review was just for the game Lost Planet on each system, so I don't know why some are making a big deal over it. You have to admit, the difference was blatantly obvious. The PS3 has a lot of potential, game developers just need to learn how to tap into it which I honestly don't believe they have done yet. Keep in mind the xbox360 has been out longer and is easier to make games for. Once game developers learn how to use the PS3's full potential, things may change.
Posted 02:02 on 27 February 2008
RaZoR_GTX's Avatar


PS3 fanboys aint whining there just getting P****D off with reviews and developers bumming the 360 all the time. Army of two had a review by VG, geuss what it was a 360 version! The games that are exclusives to PS3 have gr8 gfx and frps, but when games are on both platforms the 360 always seems to win, which i think it is annoying how its 1 format thats gets the review and the other gets compared. I agree with Netminds point on when you go on sites etc it states 360 in bold lettering then states also availible on pc, PS3. No one is treating the consoles fairly in my opinion. Pc games dont get a look in really now cos of next gen consoles. But in my view, i think reviews should be done on all formats available, not compared. Reviews now just turn into comparisons.
Posted 23:30 on 26 February 2008
Handwipe's Avatar


PS3 owners need to STOP WHINING. It's been well over a year since Sony released their console and it still has inferior versions of almost all multi-platform games. Get used to it, it wont change any time soon so stop crying about it. It's time to face the fact that Xbox360 just has superior hardware. Maybe Sony should start including a box of tissues with the PS3.
Posted 21:52 on 26 February 2008
Dale's Avatar
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But any way I think the games quite crap any way
Posted 21:51 on 26 February 2008
Dale's Avatar
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WII FTW!!! WII PWNS ALL! but any way I stand in the middle of these two consoles being more of a ninty guy but I don't see alot of difference in the vids but you do really need to play them... to me it does seem like ps3 owners get quite upset when its pointed out when a game is inferior on the ps3 compared to the 360. Their imediately like "THIS SITE SUXORZ FULLZ OF 380 FANBOYZES".

Reguardless whether or not this site is (fanboist), its not just this site that says the 360 version is better go on any other they say the same.

And whether or not ps3 owners like it or not the ps3 is hard to work with as many developers have found out, the 360 is easier.

Just like I don't like to admit the wii has a poor selection of hardcore games, but I do admit it.

I think its time for alot of sony fanboys to admit the 360 is supererior some catagories. And one of the most important ones at that. Its ALOT easier to develop on.
Posted 21:50 on 26 February 2008
Ginger_Jesus's Avatar


I had Lost Planet on the 360, but got rid of it shortly after. Made a profit £15 quid more actually sold it to a mate of mine at work for £35. I was going to think the PS3 verison would be better, but from looking at the videos and also comparing the 360 and the PS3. The 360 comes out on top for me, I might get it again though because it did have a good storyline. Which I was hooked too, but then I stopped playing it and never found time to play it.
Posted 20:44 on 26 February 2008
kike's Avatar
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i watched the game video in both consoles and i see no diference. came on people why we have to fight for insignificant thing. ps3 owners buy ps3 version and xbox360 owners buy its version. this is a great game.
Posted 19:42 on 26 February 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


Fascinating fact time - the PS3 version's RRP is £29.99 (well, it surprised me! :p) with some online retailers, naturally, selling it for less than that. I know you've compared like-for-like in making your conclusion, VG (the only possible short hand I can think of for this site) but that certainly represents sound value, and is inclusive of all the DLC that 360 owners had to pay separately for, too. I know from buying the Xbox 360 version at its release that it cost more than that.
Posted 17:56 on 26 February 2008
jay's Avatar
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i have both versions

he is right the 460 version is better...

i wasted 50 bucks on this peace of junk for the ps3 in hopes that they added a lot more

the 360 version is better hands down... thats a fact take it as you may

i own 6 consoles ( dreamcast, ps3 60gb, xbox 360 elite, neo geo aes, sega saturn and super nintendo)i love games and this is crap on ps3

Posted 17:45 on 26 February 2008
Squire_Simon's Avatar


Over the course of making the comparison video, I played both games for a good few hours each. The PS3's frame rate is not as good as the 360's. Simple as that.
Posted 17:20 on 26 February 2008
Zorik4's Avatar
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I dont see any easy victory for the Xbox 360 in your Lost Planet Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 video its looks the same
Posted 17:07 on 26 February 2008
NinetiesKid's Avatar


After shelling out the cash on more expensive hardware, PS3 and PC gamers can't hack it when a game turns out better on the Xbox 360 - sad story but it's true in many cases.
Posted 16:43 on 26 February 2008

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