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The snow's melted and has left behind a host of new environments.

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Lost Planet 2 screenshot
Lost Planet 2 screenshot

It's absolutely essential that you play LP2 with real people, and ideally people who know what they're doing. The difference between three AI dummies and three people who will work with you, offer support when needed, cover you with a shield, guard the right area of the map, and generally use a brain is huge. It's the difference between LP2 being borderline unplayable due to the difficulty and a great deal of fun. One early defence mission in which the team had to guard mining posts for 90 seconds was a chore when played with AI, but with real people there was the required coordination to make it a well run operation. Later on a giant Akrid whose mouth could be entered proved to be a pain in the ass with computer allies, but as four buddies together, we'd blasted off its legs and got inside in double quick time.

Other issues come once again from the grappling hook, which still feels a little restrictive. It's used more here than it was in the first game, but there's still no fluidity to it. You can't use it while in the air, meaning there's no way to link grapples. It's handy to reach high platforms, often containing cool weapons and pick-ups, but it's no Bionic Commando. Also fiddly is the odd menu system. There's character customisation tucked in there somewhere, but accessing it all is awkward.

What doesn't disappoint is the in-game presentation. Lost Planet looked amazing, and the sequel looks better, even though the snowy locations made more of an impact at the time. The Akrid are, unsurprisingly, the high point, showing just what Capcom's MT Framework engine is capable of. The beasts come in all shapes and sizes, at times completely dominating valleys. These are big creatures and some of the most visually impressive creations you'll see this year. Some of the locations are duller than others, although you usually only need to look up to see just how much detail Capcom has packed in. Even the fairly uninspiring built-up industrial area suddenly becomes more attractive once you take in how high the buildings are and the beautiful sky above.

Something I've yet to test on live game servers is the game's competitive multiplayer game modes. Up to sixteen players are supported across Elimination, Team Elimination, Data Post Battle, Akrid Egg Battle, Fugitive and Battle Series. VSs play a big part, with online matches often beginning with a scramble to get into them, but new mechanical vehicles have been included too, such as a Warhawk-like gun ship that can nip about the sky and fire down on enemies below. There are 10 maps, and some are enormous, spanning ground and sea, meaning there are full-on underwater battles with players able to swim around.

Lost Planet 2 screenshot

You'll want to figure out how to make the most of the character customisation tools for multiplayer, as it's possible to make a fairly unique character and kit them out to suit your play style. Career Points earned throughout your time with the game can be used in the Lost Planet 2 slot machine to win new weapons, skins and even abilities. Abilities work similar to the perks system in Modern Warfare, granting you bonuses while on the battlefield. These range from being able to start matches with a full load-out of plasma grenades, to doubling all Career Points earned. The ranking system is based on these points, with ranks indicating your skill level so everyone can see who they're up against. If the multiplayer component in LP2 can deliver the goods I've sampled in closed game sessions it could well gain a large online community.

Capcom is either extremely bold and clever or quite foolish. Lost Planet 2 is a game that is hard to recommend to solo gamers, such is the way the game has been designed to be played with friends. It feels like a completely different experience with real players at your side; an experience that betters the original and features some of the most intense, visually stunning battles we've seen on this generation of consoles. Just know what you're getting yourself into. It's hard, frustrating and at times a very unfair.

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User Comments

draytone's Avatar


Posted 08:20 on 03 June 2010
guyderman's Avatar


I was looking forward to this game A LOT! - can't believe that the SP is reported as being so poor - I'm anti social and often have to play strange hours with limited time so I don't like to have to depend on other people playing a game in order to play it. Capcom should be shot for allowing this too happen - Co-op should be an additional feature not the leading way to play a game - Christ even L4D can be played SP and still be enjoyable!
Posted 12:41 on 14 May 2010
TomO's Avatar

TomO@ Ghost_Dog

We got it on both platforms actually. I don't know which platform, if any, was the lead. Both look similar to my eyes.
Posted 17:45 on 06 May 2010
dudester's Avatar


Wasn't fan of the 1st not seeing anything to make want to play the second.
Posted 17:41 on 06 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Ghost_Dog

Probably not.

Watched the preview video of this when it went up and it didn't really look that good. Will be staying clear of this.
Posted 17:07 on 06 May 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


Lower than I expected. Thought this would be an 8 or 9.

Might pick this up when the price goes down.

As the review code was for the PS3 version, was it the lead platform?
Posted 13:53 on 06 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar


I lol'd at a recent SMS suggesting VG had sh!t the bed or something lately as they have two reviews out before release date. I found it funny.
Posted 11:53 on 06 May 2010
eotscott's Avatar


id want this for the co-op factor :P agree with karlius though get it when it is cheap after reading this review
Posted 09:46 on 06 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar


Oooo was waiting on reviews before committing to this i'll pick it up but when it gets to the v.cheap stage. If all reviews match this then maybe sometime in 2 weeks after release when it's sold for £15.
Posted 09:23 on 06 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


God I'm sick of this advertisement.
It's not even optional, it auto pops up, so annoying.
I wasn't going to buy this game anyway, but that damn ad put me off even more.
Posted 08:32 on 06 May 2010

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Lost Planet 2
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Lost Planet 2
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