Lost Planet 2 screenshot
Lost Planet 2 screenshot

Capcom has commented on the confusion surrounding what platforms the recently announced Lost Planet 2 will be released on, saying "clarity will come over the coming months".

Yesterday Lost Planet 2 was officially confirmed for the Xbox 360 by Capcom, with no mention of a PS3 or PC version.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com, Christian Svensson, Capcom vice president, business development and strategic planning, admitted the announcement was "confusing", but was unable to say whether PS3 and PC owners are being left out in the cold.

On the issue of Lost Planet 2's exclusivity, Svensson said:: "That I would love to give you more information on, but I'm going to have to remain silent for a little bit longer. It's complicated, it's confusing, I do understand that it's confusing how it was announced. It's not clear. Clarity will come over the coming months."

Although unconfirmed at this point, with Capcom unwilling to call the game an Xbox 360 exclusive it is assumed the sequel will also be appearing on PS3 and PC.

What do you think readers? Are you a PS3/PC gamer angry at Capcom's announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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THE S3X MAST3R's Avatar
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Capcom is pretty loyal to ALL fans so l'm going to assume they arent gonna make it exclusive and l only have a 360 soo oh well brag rights are gone :'(
l lied
Posted 01:22 on 27 February 2009
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De Gamer

I'm primarily a PC/PS3 gamer and I'm not upset at all. There isn't a "exclusivity in the talks" deal going on here. Capcom knows that the best way to make money out of a game is to release it on multiple platforms. Remember when Lost Planet was suppose to be exclusive? or what about Dead Rising?

Anyways... the game is coming to PC/PS3, it's guaranteed. I think when he says it'll be clear in the "coming months" it may be because Sony will possibly announce it at their E3 Press Conference. Anything can happen at this point.
Posted 16:20 on 26 February 2009
Karlius's Avatar


I think theres something going on behind the scenes, probably MS trying to get exclusivity. However i believe unless an amazing offer is in place this game will be multi platform. It's obvious Capcom has some brand loyalty due to the first release being 360/PC Exclusive. But I think this would be oversighted not to produce the game for a 20 million selling console. So as gamer wrote I think there'll be a staggered release.
Posted 15:04 on 26 February 2009
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i think it will be multi plat can,t see why the first came to ps3 and the second won,t.the confusing part is ms payed for this promotion,not having any first party aaa titles this year and sony having boat loads its a little bit of self marketing the cupboard is empty this year for the 360 so a bit of spin is needed.ms should stop closing down first party studios and stop relying on a bit of unwanted dlc.new ips like sony is the way forward hence why my 360 will be collecting dust,third party titles are pretty much on a par in apperance so the exclusives are huge to any console owner,sony gets my money this year first and third party games,ms i,m waiting on games from you.
ps the trailer seen was not from there in game engine as the dev says it has been touched up,thats huge when it comes to the final product.they run these on quad core top spec systems so don,t think what you see is what your get.
Posted 14:57 on 26 February 2009
dan's Avatar
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Could just be that there's exclusive content for 360, or what seems more likely, a short timed exclusivity.
Posted 14:55 on 26 February 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I can't see it being a 360 exclusive, way too much revenue at stake considering there are roughly 20 million PS3s out there and an uncountable number of PCs. If the game plays as good as it looks, and that's always a big if, then anything other than multiformat doesn't make much sense.
Posted 14:33 on 26 February 2009

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