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King of Fighters XII Review for Xbox 360

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Latest in long running SNK Playmore beat-em-up series.

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The 20 playable characters and handful of stages might not be enough to satisfy some KOF fans - and there's no Mai!
The 20 playable characters and handful of stages might not be enough to satisfy some KOF fans - and there's no Mai!

The 20 playable characters and handful of stages might not be enough to satisfy some KOF fans - and there's no Mai!

The main issue on the presentation front, however, is that there's a general lack of oomph. The super special moves, for example, are particularly underwhelming. Worst of all, though, is the heavy pixelation, which is particularly odd given the animations are so gorgeous. This may well be a deliberate move, but it gives the game a somewhat tired, outdated look, probably the direct opposite of what SNK wanted. There is an option to turn on varying levels of sprite filtering, which do help smooth out the jaggies, but it doesn't get around the fact that the game doesn't live up to its cartoon quality promise.

This will be particularly disappointing for fans because it feels as if the development team prioritised redrawing the art over everything else. The menus are bland, the music is awful, and the female Japanese announcer is an annoying twit. A bare-bones feel courses throughout the entire experience. The single-player offering, which admittedly isn't the point with fighting games, includes nothing more than a time attack-based arcade mode and a versus mode. There's no survival mode, no story AT ALL, no customisation and no bonus modes. Put simply, KOFXII's like a starving dog chewing on a bone long since stripped of its meat.

What KOF12 has got going for it is the fighting engine, which is superbly responsive and tight. And, arguably, the additions and tweaks SNK Playmore's made to it are more important than the redrawn art or feature set. Chief among these is the Critical Counter move, which acts a little bit like SFIV's Focus Attack. When your Critical Counter Gauge, set underneath your life bar, is filled, you can Critical Counter if you counter-attack with a strong punch or kick at close range with the stick in neutral position. This temporarily immobilises your opponent, setting you up for a barrage of attacks that can be strung together and finished with any special mode. Or, you can simply use the opportunity to guarantee connection with your super. The choice is yours.

Landing a Critical Counter is particularly satisfying. The camera zooms in, the action pauses for a second so you can see your opponent's face contort, and the meaty sound effect makes you wince. It's something that immediately affects the dynamic of a match. As soon as your Critical Counter Gauge shows max, your opponent will employ keep-away tactics, and you'll be desperate to sucker them into a counter. It's a nice change up from the otherwise frenetic action.

Online play seems ropey, with lag a particular problem.

Online play seems ropey, with lag a particular problem.

Unfortunately KOFXII suffers somewhat in the online space. While you can find playable matches, most are riddled by lag. This is a bitter disappointment - home console fighting games are, in this day and age, popular in part because online features mean the old school one on one arcade experience can be transported into the home. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, playing KOFXII online isn't as good as it should be. Perhaps future patches will address this situation, but at the time of writing it can't be ignored.

KOFXII's biggest problem is that the fighting game bar has been raised considerably in the last 12 months, with the release of Street Fighter IV in particular showing how reboots should be done. The single-player features won't keep anyone's attention for more than half an hour, and the ropey online only exacerbates this problem. The new redrawn art style's full of beautiful animations, but the pixels ruin it somewhat. The Critical Counter system is great, but some will say it's not enough of an addition to justify the "rebirth" tagline. In the 90s, KOFXII would have been hailed as a brilliant fighting game. In 2009, in the post Street Fighter IV world, however, it has to go down as a disappointment that won't be of interest to anyone except the most loyal KOF fan.

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dazzadavie's Avatar


Worth a go I guess.
Posted 17:02 on 05 October 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I still rate KOF2000 as one of the best fighters i've ever played. I'll still be giving this a go.
Posted 16:49 on 05 October 2009
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


Really disappointed with this.

A missed opportunity by SNK.
Posted 13:34 on 05 October 2009

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King of Fighters XII
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King of Fighters XII
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  • Ropey online
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