Kinect Sports: Season Two for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360
Kinect Sports: Season Two

Six thrilling new sports to jump into and enjoy, Kinect Sports: Season Two pulls the whole family off the couch and turns your living room into a world-class sports arena where intuitive, full-body gameplay and friendly competition reign supreme. Score:


Our Verdict: No matter who you are you'll likely have fun messing about with what's on offer here, especially if you're in the company of friends.

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Around 16 staff understood to have been let go at Rare in Article Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar

In other news, the sun will come out, however that is still yet to be seen in Scotland.

Kinect used for scares in Paranormal Activity 4 in Article Comments

guyderman's Avatar

Just keep the scary memories of the first one and don't bother with the others - they sadly get progressively worse and I can't see this one breaking that mold!

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Release Date: 28/10/2011
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: Sports
Rating: PEGI 3+
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