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Around 16 staff understood to have been let go at Rare

Rare has changed its development process and methodology to best support future projects, says Microsoft.

3 Publish date May 19

Xbox One release date set for November, reveals Rare

Slip up came during the Kinect Sports Rivals announcement.

Publish date Jun 10 2013

Kinect used for scares in Paranormal Activity 4

Microsoft product placement petrifies in latest Paranormal Activity.

3 Publish date Sep 27 2012

Kinect Sports franchise sales over 6 million

The most successful of any Kinect franchise.

Publish date Sep 18 2012

Microsoft stopped Rare from developing Killer Instinct 3

Microsoft and Rare wasn't a "great mix", claims ex-employee.

6 Publish date Aug 22 2012

Rare wants Kinect to understand 'natural conversation'.

Rare engineer David Quinn says that the studio is investigating ways to make Kinect understand 'natural conversation'.

Publish date Jun 26 2012

What's next for Rare?

With the successful Kinect Sports series under Rare's belt, we spoke to development director Nick Burton about the future of Kinect and what's next for the studio.

4 Publish date Dec 2 2011

Rare has lived up to its $375 million potential

Rare was once the UK's golden developer churning out classics including Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie for Nintendo platforms, but in recent years the studio has come under fire for failing to live up to its hefty $375 million price tag.

5 Publish date Sep 15 2011

Kinect Sports Season 2 revealed

Kinect Sports Season 2 has been announced for release this holiday season, featuring six new sports.

Publish date Jun 6 2011

Rare working on new Kinect title

In addition to Kinect Sports 2.

2 Publish date May 16 2011

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