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The third game in the multi-million selling Just Dance franchise.

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Just Dance 3 screenshot
Just Dance 3 screenshot

The impact Just Dance has had on our little industry is undeniably huge. Before Ubisoft saw the potential of that Wii Remote, dance games were confined to arcades, and only brought into the living room with the advent of those horrendous plastic mats. Just Dance blew things wide open, paving the way for countless others to follow. It made the genre relevant. It made the genre approachable. It made social gatherings from that point forward infinitely more embarrassing.

Relying on Kinect instead of a Wii Remote (at least in the case of the 360 version reviewed), Just Dance 3 handles significantly differently to before; it tracks your whole body. While you'll still mimic what's happening on screen, reacting to flash cards representing different movement-based motifs, the game is now able to grade your shape-throwing in a much broader sense.

It's far from perfect, though. While the type of player traditionally attracted to the game - those who really put their all into each routine - probably won't notice, it's fair to say the game lacks subtlety. Play with one hand shoved in your pocket, for example, or without moving your feet, and you'll still manage to scoop up 'Perfect!' scores. Conversely, when you think you've got the routine nailed down to a tee, there are still moves that aren't registered at all.

Like its Wii Remote waggling predecessors, you can jump into Dance Off mode and beat people who are actually great dancers without putting in half as much effort. That's not the point, I know, but it highlights the fact that we're still a long way away from a dancing title that's able to grade our actions properly. It's another addition to a long line of games that suffers due to the limitations of Kinect. Even something as simple as choosing a track to play highlights this fact. The number of times I selected the wrong song as a result of Kinect's quirks is frightening; menu navigation isn't great, to say the least.

Just Dance 3 screenshot

The track-list spans 51 tunes, covering an impressive range of genres, cultures and decades. Teeny boppers will appreciate the likes of The Black Eyed Peas (Pump It), Jesse J (Price Tag) and Rihanna (Only Girl). Your mum, on the other hand, might fancy some Mika (Lollipop), or Queen (Crazy Little Thing Called Love). And me? Well I'm partial to a bit of Lenny Kravitz (Are You Gonna Go My Way). There's something for most tastes, although I'd still like to see a dance game attempt some 'rockier' routines.

Completing a track earns you Mojo points, which contribute to a rank, of sorts. Once you 'rank up', you'll unlock special tracks which can be played from the Extras section of the main menu. The first you'll unlock, for example, is a mash-up of Jamaican music. On a similar note, you can also earn Sweat Points if you choose to play with the game's fitness options enabled - Just Sweat. Whilst a trivial feature for somebody like myself, this will undoubtedly prove successful with those looking to use the game as means of exercise. And lots of people will.

It's funny, literally the morning before the game fell through our letterbox I was explaining to the rest of the office how much I disliked the Just Dance aesthetic - the psychedelic silhouettes and garish colour schemes. It looked a bit, well, naff, for lack of a better word. I take that back now. The animations, the vaguely humorous intros, the way the stage reacts to the lyrics and beat of the drums - I like it all. Perhaps it's just what high definition visuals bring to the table, but there's no denying it's a good-looking game.

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mydeaddog@ pblive

I'm afraid I added that in at the proofing stage, mainly because I wanted to cut Mr Smith down to size.

Got to show people who's boss, even when they're walking out the door... ;)
Posted 13:43 on 11 October 2011


"I did this one by myself, because I believe in self-love." Best review sentence of the year? Great review Jamin. My kids are pestering me to get this now and I can see myself shamelessly joining in.
Posted 12:46 on 11 October 2011

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Just Dance 3
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