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Homefront screenshot

While it's certain the story (penned by Red Dawn writer John Milius) will have its own ebb and flow, the supporting cast runs the risk of appearing two-dimensional. Your AI cohorts, Connor and Rianna, run at your side like Good and Bad angels: Connor has no sympathy for civilians too afraid to bear arms, and Rianna basically thinks everyone should just hug it out. The real test will be to see if Kaos can develop the pairing beyond this. Will Rianna, for instance, be forced to see so many atrocities that she grows cold and bitter towards civilians?

There are plenty of potential avenues to explore with Homefront's intriguing universe, and Kaos' unashamed admiration of Half-Life 2 certainly bodes well for some promising storytelling and scripted level design. Where Homefront fails to excite in quite the same way, however, is with its combat.

While Kaos is keen to stress how the AI isn't finished, it's hard to gauge the full weight of its large-scale conflicts when enemies move in predictable ant trails. There were a couple of noticeable set-pieces in the demo where enemies just streamed through a doorway and met their grisly, oblivious ends one-by-one until the game decided to move on.

Even the level's final hurrah - a sequence where you mark targets for a six-wheeled drone to batter with rockets - lacks the required punch, thanks to that clumsy AI. The problem is not that it's easy, but that your opponents don't move around with enough poise and swagger to make themselves believable. It's a shame, as the modified Unreal Engine 3 allows Kaos to fill in the game's scenery with an abundance of attention-grabbing incidental detail.

Still, the regular weapons work a treat: familiar and functional M4s, M249s and SCARs are fired in taut sprays, and bullets land with gory, over-the-top crimson splats when hitting their intended targets - helpful for players to discern what's dead and what needs to be made dead. Explosions fling deceased ragdolls through the air with so much force it borders on slapstick, but guns fire with a devastating buzz rather than a comical bang.

Put all the pieces together, though, and Homefront runs the risk of creating a brilliant, gripping and intricate universe sorely lacking in any tangible entertainment. Still, the shocking subject matter has ensured it becomes one of my most anticipated titles of the next year. Homefront's potential is vast and obvious, but if Kaos really wants to create something memorable it'll need to work on smoothing those rough edges before the game's release in March 2011.

Homefront is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 11, 2011.

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Ghost_Dog's Avatar


I'm looking forward to this.

Though I am uncertain about John Milius penning the script. Sure, his film work admirable, but I do find the whole Republican wet dream scenario in poor taste.

I also hope that Kaos Studios have improved their ability to work with the PS3. Frontlines was canceled on the PS3 due to their inability to work with the platform.
Posted 13:31 on 19 November 2010

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