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David Bateson, the voice actor who plays Agent 47 in Square Enix and IO Interactive's Hitman series has mentioned Hitman 5 in an interview, but came short of confirming the game.

Asked about Hitman 5, Bateson said: "I have to plead the 5th Amendment on this one. I am under contract not to say anything. There have been delays. However, like I said earlier, if the artwork is anything to go by... brace yourself!"

Speaking more generally about the series, he added: "For all the kind things that have been said, I am truly thankful. That kind of dedication and appreciation of the game deserves repayment... with an even more gob smacking instalment in Hitman 5. I don't envy IO Interactive for the pressure they must be under to deliver. I am utterly convinced they will!"

While Bateson mentions Hitman 5, he doesn't confirm its development, only that fans deserve a fifth game in the series.

This morning IO's Twitter added: "While Bateson's comments are flattering, they are a surprise - we are currently not working on projects with him."

Via The Gaming Liberty

VideoGamer.com Analysis

It's almost certain we'll see IO return to Hitman in the future, but the studio has more recently been putting the Kane & Lynch franchise first.

However, IO appears to have shot down the suggestion of a game with Bateson, meaning we could either be looking at a new voice actor for the role of Agent 47 or development of Hitman 5 is yet to begin.

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Bloodstorm's Avatar


I think they were intending to make a new Hitman game after Kane and Lynch, why this actor outed it and went "lol under contract not to say" is quite bizarre, never did like a person who can't keep a secret, especially business related.
Posted 15:51 on 25 October 2010
Woffls's Avatar


I am under contract not to say anything
There have been delays.
Not exactly a smart thing to say. Squenix will be a little annoyed at this chap now for implying that Hitman 5 has been in trouble through its development.

Still, at least the game is alive. Can't wait ^_^

[edit]Unless he means delays in starting the project? Actually, yeh, that fits with what everyone has says. I'll go with that. So we should get a new Hitman in what, 3 years? :(
Posted 13:20 on 25 October 2010
mikejosh1978's Avatar


IO seem to have too many fingers in the wrong pies . The Hitman franchise is well over due a game but they insist on continually making crap games like K&L , which lets face it isn't as much fun or as interesting as Hitman or even worth continuing to build on when the Sega published Alpha Protocol for me seems a better avenue to explore . Mass Effect / Fallout type games are popular even though the latter is bugged to hell , AP needs a few tweeks but it was half decent & repair the shooting mechanics & make the story a little bit more interesting & its got the potential to rival said games.
Alas IO press on building a portfolio of marmite Fps games that they seem to think makes them a better developer.
Posted 10:28 on 25 October 2010

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