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IO Interactive, developer of Hitman: Absolution and Kane & Lynch, has cut almost half its current workforce to refocus efforts only on the Hitman franchise, reports GamesIndustry.

"We are making significant changes at IO Interactive as we align our business against a changing and challenging market. Hannes Seifert, formerly Production Director for 3 years at the studio, will take over the position of Studio Head at IO," read a statement issued to GamesIndustry.

"The studio will focus resolutely on the future vision for the Hitman franchise and is in pre-production on a new AAA Hitman project.

"However we have taken the difficult decision to cancel other studio projects and initiatives at IO and reduce the workforce in this studio, which will impact almost half of the employees currently at IO, as we make internal adjustments to face the challenges of today's market."

The statement concluded: "For those affected, we are extremely grateful for the hard work which they have contributed, and where it's possible and appropriate to relocate staff to open positions at other studios within the group, we will try to do so."

VideoGamer.com Analysis

Hitman is easily IO's most successful franchise so it makes sense to realign the studio to make this the focus. Presumably this means the Kane & Lynch franchise is as good as dead, unless Square Enix has handed the IP to another developer.

Source: GamesIndustry

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It's unsurprising as Hitman was absolute garbage. Honestly, it was so unfairly difficult and the fact that everyone wearing the same disguise as you, recognises you? Complete bull*****.

I'm all for more Hitman game, if they're like Blood Money not like Absolution which was Absolute cack.
Posted 09:39 on 18 June 2013


I'm glad to hear this considering how much i've enjoyed Absolution, and after such mixed reviews, feared the series was as good as dead.

Of course, halving the jobs for this to be the end result is rarely ever good to hear.
Posted 19:20 on 17 June 2013
IronMit's Avatar


Does this mean they are not alternating hitman releases with the Montreal studio... because I really want someone else to take a crack at it after Hitman abomination
Posted 19:10 on 17 June 2013

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