Heroes over Europe for Xbox 360

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Heroes over Europe

Heroes over Europe revisits the action in the key European air battles of World War II.

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Our Verdict: While it's far from being a total disaster, it's hard to recommend Heroes Over Europe to anyone but the most ardent Spitfire fan.

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Heroes over Europe Preview

Can it be your hero, baby?

Publish date Jul 29 2009

Legendary coming first to Xbox 360

Alone in the Dark PS3 in November, Race Pro in January, Eternal Sonata PS3 in February.

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Atari's Heroes sequel confirmed for 2009

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Heroes over Europe coming to next-gen systems

Sequel to Heroes of the Pacific set for release on Xbox 360, PS3 in 2008.

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rbevanx's Avatar

It will be in the bargain bin at my local petrol station soon then.

by rbevanx

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Endless's Avatar

On the flips-side i found more things that didn't work than did, i did manage to summon a tractor beam but it didn't work quite as i expected. Also summoning a black hole is seemingly frowned up...

Heads-up: What's new this week in Article Comments

VideoGameMan636's Avatar

I might take a look at those last two...thanks for the updates, man!

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