Microsoft Studios sale hits Xbox 360

Gears of War 3, Halo Reach, Alan Wake & more given big reductions on Xbox Live.

3 Publish date Apr 8

Halo movie collapse a stroke of 'luck' for Blomkamp

Allowed the District 9 and Elysium to director to learn to trust his own ideas.

Publish date Aug 5 2013

Blomkamp remains interested in making a Halo movie

Would require complete control of the project.

Publish date Apr 10 2013

Telltale would love to create episodic Halo game

Half-Life and Star Wars too.

2 Publish date Jan 7 2013

10 Years of Halo

Like many twenty-something gamers, I distinctly remember the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Though I'm ashamed to admit it now, I was sceptical of the series at the start.

10 Publish date Sep 9 2011

Bungie: 'our success is owed completely to our fans'

Bungie has thanked everyone who has helped out the studio over the past 20 years, stating that its success is down to its large community of fans.

Publish date Aug 5 2011

Halo celebrates 10th anniversary with art book

Hardback book to include over 400 images and commentary.

Publish date May 11 2011

343 isn't working on Halo side-story games

Has plans to celebrate Halo's 10th anniversary with 'cool new content and fiction'.

1 Publish date Feb 3 2011

'There will be a Halo movie,' says MS.

Would love a TV series, too.

13 Publish date Nov 23 2010

MS wants a 'more persistent Halo engagement' for gamers

Looks to Call of Duty for inspiration.

7 Publish date Sep 22 2010

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