Halo 3: ODST screenshot
Halo 3: ODST screenshot

Halo fans disappointed to hear that Halo: Reach will be Bungie's final Halo game should take heart in comments made by the studio during gamescom last week - they just don't know at this point.

Asked for clarification on recent comments made by Lars Bakken, Bungie senior designer, indicating that Halo: Reach would be the studio's final Halo game, community and pr director Brian Jarrard told VideoGamer.com:

"The clarification is we just don't know at this point. I'm not really able to speculate on what we're going to do after Reach."

Pushed further on whether Reach is Bungie's final Halo game, Jarrard added: "I wouldn't confirm or deny at this point. We're really excited to get Reach out the door. Beyond that, we're not at liberty to say right now what's next.

"I think there's a lot of work just to get Reach done between now and next fall. At that point anything's possible. We're going to keep looking at making the games we want to make. Maybe that's Halo. Maybe it's not. We'll have to wait and see."

Is it time Bungie tried something new or would you rather the studio stuck to making games in the Halo universe? Share your comments in the comments below.

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M0niak's Avatar


They r great at hiding little easter eggs in there games :)
Posted 16:48 on 25 December 2010
M0niak's Avatar


Halo is GREAT i do want a Brand New halo game by bungie ,but i would like it if they made halo 1, 2 and 3 with all the Halo: Reach Stuff
Posted 16:47 on 25 December 2010
DarthKratos7's Avatar


Halo is a really good game.. I'm a sony fanboy but im not going to be bias and trash this game. I've played all 3 halo's on my bro's xbox... The IP has great story, good online gameplay, and good features here and there. it's sad to hear that there wont be no more halo, but in a way thats good. I really want to see what else Bungie has up their sleeve. make a new IP next. then if you miss HALO so much get back and make 4... regardless there has to be a New Halo game for the next xbox... has to be lol
Posted 04:47 on 26 August 2009
dameon77's Avatar


I too woulld like to see what else they can do maybe a great 3rd person shooter similar to Gears of War. They do seem to be great story tellers with there games.
Posted 18:02 on 25 August 2009
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ renegade

I agree Renegade. There are plenty of Halo games coming out already. I would like to see Bungie start a new franchise.
Posted 17:07 on 25 August 2009


Hope not, I'd like to see what else they can do
Posted 15:40 on 25 August 2009

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