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The third chapter in the Halo trilogy.

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4-player co-op and Forge just add to the brilliance
4-player co-op and Forge just add to the brilliance

4-player co-op and Forge just add to the brilliance

If Bungie had simply closed the can on the game there, it would have been enough to satisfy Halo's fanatical horde of fans. But it didn't. Bungie has gone one step further with Halo 3, and, indeed with the FPS genre as a whole, by adding the most comprehensive package of community features ever seen in a videogame. The first is the Theatre mode, which allows you to look back at your multiplayer and campaign games from the point of view of a free roaming camera (accessed with the Y button). Everything you do is automatically saved to the 360's hard disk (we found most of our multiplayer games were between one and two MB). You can pause, fast forward, view over the shoulder cam, switch between players and even swirl the camera 360 degrees while in slow-mo ala The Matrix. More impressive is the ability to save screenshots and clips, then share them with your friends via XBL. So you can pause the game right at the point where you fired a rocket up your mate's ass, save a screenshot, upload it to Bungie.net then download it as your screensaver. Sweet.

The potential here is obvious. The guys behind comedy machinima Red vs Blue will be dribbling with glee. Clans will also have their trigger fingers poised, as they'll be able to see exactly why they just got owned in a replay. The Theatre is a wonderful addition to the game, and unfortunately for other developers raises the FPS bar even higher.

Then there's the Forge. We have to admit, when we first heard about the Forge, we were a bit confused. Even when I heard a Bungie podcast explaining the thing, I wasn't convinced the Bungie guys were even sure what it was. This, in a funny way, is exactly what it's all about. It's a real-time map making game mode that we just can't predict the outcome of. In Forge mode, pressing up on the d-pad will turn you into this omnipotent map creator which looks like 343 Guilty Spark from previous Halo games. You fly around dropping vehicles, weapons, equipment and crates onto the map bought with a set amount of dollars. You can change spawn points, set teleporters and grav lifts, dump fusion coils and pretty much mess about with anything in any given map, bar the actual environments themselves.

There's two ways to look at the Forge. One, as a map editor and two, as a multiplayer game mode in itself, where you can instantly switch between Forge mode and normal mode, creating cover for team-mates, dropping tanks on enemies and, well, anything you can come up with. As a map editor it certainly works well, and expect to see Bungie featuring some of the better community-made ones. But as a multiplayer mode we're not so sure. It certainly takes a while to wrap your head around the fact that you can change into a flying ball when you're being hit and give yourself a Scorpion tank. We're not sure how popular it will be on XBL and with friends in your front room. Our Forge games descended into chaos, putting our differences aside to pile vehicles onto grav lifts with the odd fusion coil added for good measure. Then we fired rockets just to see what happened.

Halo 3 deserves a 10 because it's the most complete FPS experience ever released

Halo 3 deserves a 10 because it's the most complete FPS experience ever released

So, finally, onto the review score. Despite Halo 3 being more combat evolved than combat revolutionised, Halo 3 deserves a 10 because it's the most complete FPS experience ever released. We can sum up why Halo is great with one, simple anecdote. You may have read last week on the site that we managed to snag a retail copy of the game from Argos. It sparked something I've never experienced before in gaming. A flood of instant messages, emails and texts followed. I got calls from friends and family asking to come over and play the game. And when they did, when that unmistakable music kicked in, when the Bungie logo flashed across the HD LCD, I could feel the excitement in the air like the after effects of a destroyed fusion coil. I can't remember the last time having a game in my possession before official release did that.

Halo 3 transcends video games. It is a global entertainment experience. Just as Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Spiderman 3 brought to a close two of the most lucrative and epic film trilogies of all time, Halo 3 brings to a close perhaps the most complete, engaging and downright fun video game trilogy of all time. There is absolutely no way any Halo fan will be disappointed by this game. You better believe the Chief has triumphantly returned. Now buy the game, cock the Assault Rifle, and finish the fight.

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This game is f------ awesome!
Posted 04:48 on 30 September 2009
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Awesome game!
Posted 18:31 on 19 April 2009
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This game is great i have had it since the day it came to stores and i can't get enough i still play it occasionally its awesome....but still not as fun as the first i absolutely love the first halo the best game in the world this one comes close to over shining its predecessor but still the first is the best.....although this one rox my sox...i didn't really like Halo 2 all that much tooo much of the same stuff over and over and way too many story lines goin on @ one time i was confused but after playin it alot i figured it all out
Posted 09:21 on 03 January 2009
beaner360's Avatar
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BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man i played this game and fell in love. athough I am an Expert in Halo 2(I can kick your A** any day) im still new to the whole leading your bullet system. but just wait im be in the top ten soon!!
Posted 09:00 on 17 July 2008
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Posted 20:55 on 16 June 2008
dave's Avatar
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this game rules its brilliant online best game i have played on the 360 i got it on the day it came out and im not bored of it since after halo wars i hope they make halo version of star wars battlefront like halo battlefront that would be cool
Posted 21:05 on 15 June 2008
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Okey the reviewer obviousely is a massive halo fan and has a complete warped view on it. The game was good but graphics were disapointing like really disapointing!
way to short of a game but fun and the AI is still great.
How you can give it a 10 i dont no! more like a 7 or 8
Posted 19:39 on 27 May 2008
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Best Game Out On The Market, No Doubt About It. =]

Gamertag ; Mass Debetor
; GrannyBeater
; DazTaxi
; Cymraeg Am Byth

=] online constantly .....
Posted 01:26 on 10 April 2008
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I have loved this game... I can't even beat the fist level on legendary! YET!
Posted 04:18 on 24 March 2008
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this game is so great everything about it, makes FPS what they can be turned into. This is the Highest FPS bar has been rised.
Posted 08:38 on 17 February 2008
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Dude i played this game the friday after it came out and me and my friend beat it on single player and multiplayer in one night. it was easy but it was a good storyline.
Posted 16:51 on 02 November 2007
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this Halo 3 not bad
Posted 11:16 on 05 October 2007
the_blackpanter's Avatar


to the reviewer:is there any problem with your eyes?
you said the water effects in halo 3 is average,which is not true,the water effects in halo 3 is even better than that in bioshock which is already stunning.gamepro said water fx in halo 3 besting even bioshock and x-play said gorgeous water fx.you are blind.

almost photo realistic trees ? wtf,incase you have not notice the leaves on the tree in siera 117,they are pretty crappy and far from almost photo realistic,though the tree trunks is amazingly decorated with realistic moss.
Posted 06:01 on 04 October 2007
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great game, but graphically is overshadowed by gears of war, which is disappointing and not what you would expect from the game of the year. excellent multiplayer modes
Posted 16:32 on 29 September 2007
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its a good game
Posted 13:13 on 27 September 2007

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Halo 3
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Halo 3
  • Incredible end to the trilogy
  • Some of the best audio to grace a video game
  • Multiplayer modes to die for
  • It's Halo, but on a much larger scale
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