Halo 3 screenshot
Halo 3 screenshot

Halo 3 developer Bungie has come out fighting amid some complaints that the blockbuster FPS, available in the UK now, is simply "Halo 2 in HD".

Speaking in an interview with Pro-G at the launch of the game in London's Waterloo IMAX cinema last night, Lee Wilson, cinematic designer at Bungie Studios said the team was delighted with the graphics in Halo 3.

He said: "It's completely immersive. The art direction is immaculate. It's not trying to be incredibly photo realistic or painting this grimy world. It's vibrant and it's fun and it's accessible."

Despite wholly positive reviews of the game across a number of publications (you can see why Pro-G gave Halo 3 10-out-of-10 here) reviewers, including us, have pointed out that some areas of the game have average graphics, particularly the water effects and character models.

However, Joe Tung, multiplayer producer at Bungie Studios, was bullish in his response to those criticisms.

He told Pro-G: "Stuff like the water, stuff like our HDR (high dynamic range or next-gen lighting) model, I think that stuff is so beautiful and so subtle and over time I hope people will appreciate that stuff as much as we do right now.

"Something like the HDR is really beautiful but it creeps up on you over time while you're playing the game, the way the light behaves. Like I said we're really happy."

He added: "We think it's a beautiful game at Bungie. Folks who have complained about the graphics in the large part have said 'I don't like the way it looks' then they pick it up and they play it for half-an-hour and then four hours later they're still playing and that's the last time you hear them saying anything about the game."

For the full interview with Halo 3 developer Bungie, check the site later today. Want to know what's in store for Halo in the future? Head over to our news found elsewhere on the site for the scoop.

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ya the game would be muchbetter if i looks upto date on the graphics but who cares it looks good as it is now
Posted 11:06 on 30 January 2008
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Dear bungie-team,

some time ago I wrote a mail about the visuals of the Halo3 MP Beta.Since then,some things have become better and over all it is a nice game,but from a technical point of view it is a bad joke. Can you tell me what you have done with the resources of the XBOX360? I hope that it has not gone to the video feature of the game,don´t get me wrong,it is nice,but not nice enough to cost graphical details.What I mean?Hey,wake up guys! In Halo1 !!!! on XBOX 1 !!!!!(oh my god)there not only the corpses but the blood and the bullet holes nearly stayed forever.Now,seconds later,it is all gone...Whyyyy????...What have you done with your time? 2 years adding background textures? They are nice,but what do I have of it without anisotropic filtering?I am nearly collapsing! Do not tell me that there is not enough power.Other programmers can drive HDR,4AA,+8x or +16x AIF on the 360.
Now you have HDR but the Lightbeams through the firs (Halo1)looked great,too.Where have they gone?Both wasn´t possible?
Don´t tell me about great ratings all over the net.Sure the game is good.It is fun and normally it is everything I need.But from Halo2 to Halo3 you have just raised the resolution, added a better memory management and new shaders.O.K.,the AI is better,too,but that is all...oh,no,sorry,that is not correct,for that you have made a step back and set the time for resting bloodstain and bulletholes to nearly ZERO....Tell me what was your attention? If,at least,the technical features of Halo 1(shall I laugh or shall I cry?)stayed in the third installment of the series,I accepted the missing of technical high-end features,but so...I have no words to go on.....You could have done so much but delivered so less...I am so sorrowfull---------------------Please give me a patch to raise the time for blood and bulletholes just to be on par with Halo1

Best regards

P.S.Moving clouds in every level for ex. would have been nice,too.Even the ten!!!years old Unreal have it
Posted 09:19 on 27 September 2007
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My buddy got the game, now, he's had a 360 since launch but he's more of a ps3 fan. The only thing he can say again and again is, it's halo 2 with a different story. I say bull$hit. I played the game with him and I think it looks amazing for starters. After just the look, it's the feeling of gritty warfare and true glee when you lob a grenade amidst a crew of brutes only to watch them dive for cover moments too late and be blown in every direction.

For those of you searching for imperfections in every game, good for you, I pray one day you find something worthy of your obvious self greatness. For people like me, I live in a better world than you because I can actually appreciate something for what it's trying to be.

Posted 03:09 on 27 September 2007
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A bald man

Bungie is acting just like the audience it indirectly aims at, the pre-teens. MY GAME LOOKS REAL GOOD IN MY EYES STFU!
Mmmm sir? Compare your character models and textures on cutscenes to other recent games and be prepared to cry to sleep. Your lip synching is awful, and the faces look like a cheap halloween mask.
Posted 15:29 on 26 September 2007

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