Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailers & Videos for Xbox 360

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Campaign Demo - Silent Cartographer

Here is your first look at the Campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, featuring the classic level, "Silent Cartographer."

Publish date 23 Jul 2011 at 3:21pm

Exclusive Pre-Order Grunt Funeral Skull Trailer

An exclusive, game-modifying skull that changes the rules of the game for an explosively humorous experience, "Grunt Funeral" sends Halo's most lowly and lovable enemy out in a blaze of glory.

Publish date 20 Jul 2011 at 7:56pm

E3 2011 Xbox 360 Games Montage Trailer

Check out all the games coming soon to Xbox 360.

Publish date 10 Jun 2011 at 6:50pm

E3 2011 Trailer

The campaign of the decade remade and remastered.

Publish date 07 Jun 2011 at 1:03am

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Release Date: 15/11/2011
Developer: 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-16
Rating: PEGI 16+
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