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Gun Loco Preview for Xbox 360

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Gun Loco screenshot
Gun Loco screenshot

Now back to the game. Holding the left trigger will make your character put away his gun, allowing him to sprint, leap over walls and duck under low hanging architecture. Movement feels organic, and your character will adjust to his environment appropriately as you tear around corners and rebound off walls. The camera bounces and jostles about the screen as it tries to keep up, a bit like Kane & Lynch 2 but not as nausea-inducing.

Whilst sprinting, you can press the right trigger to unleash your character's signature move. Unfortunately, I can only speak about the character I was playing as, which sees him sliding along the ground like a gun-slinging Jürgen Klinsmann. The reticule re-appears on the screen while doing this, and anybody caught behind it will suffer an instant kill. Considering that there was no limit to how often I used the move, I ended up doing it a hell of a lot – which is probably why I did so well.

When I was being fired at, I kept desperately trying to seek out cover – a natural thing to do when bullets are flying mere inches from your face. This will get you nowhere in Gun Loco, however. As mentioned earlier, there's no cover system, which means the best way to win is to tackle your opponents head on and hope you're quicker off the draw than they are. It's therefore an incredibly fast paced game; just as crazy and over the top as the characters that inhabit it. The combination of the two makes Gun Loco an altogether different experience to everything else on the market.

Gun Loco was horrendously good fun. Considering I hadn't the vaguest what it was a week ago, it was a very pleasant surprise indeed. I only got to try my hand at the multiplayer side of the experience, but if the demented and erratic (both in a good way) feel of the multiplayer translates to the campaign, it's worth getting excited about. Alongside Ni no Kuni, Gun Loco found itself getting a lot of attention at TGS, and rightly so indeed.

Gun Loco is due for release on Xbox 360 in 2011.

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User Comments

reynoldio's Avatar


That video looks abysmal... Xbox exclusive? Not too worried about that!

I like crazy as much as the next guy, but that character just looks like a tool.

Posted 08:23 on 08 October 2010
clangod's Avatar


All hail the inverts!!! Lol.

Sounds interesting. Shall keep my eyes peeled.
Posted 21:59 on 23 September 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


I hope it works out much better than The Club...
Posted 18:36 on 23 September 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I love a mad and 'demented' game;
Im sure you'll be happy to hear you've portrayed and shared your appreciation of the happy surprise that this game is in your preview :)
Posted 18:19 on 23 September 2010

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