Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for Xbox 360

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

The first game built around the legendary music of America's Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band. Score:


Our Verdict: For die-hard GH and Aerosmith fans it's a no-brainer, but everyone else might want to save their money for World Tour.

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Harmonix: Music games haven't peaked

Future music games expected to sell more than the previous generation.

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Guitar Hero sets Facebook record

Becomes the first video game to reach 1 million fans.

Publish date Oct 26 2009

EA working on 'interesting things' in music genre

Five years from now being a rock star will be just one implementation of the category.

Publish date Feb 27 2009

GH3 the first game to surpass $1 billion in sales

Download sales for artists appearing in Guitar Hero also said to be up.

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Activision readying Guitar Hero Modern Hits?

Filed trademark application suggests we'll be seeing a collection of 'modern' songs.

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Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6:1, Activision says

Domination down to more resources.

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Harmonix: Music games haven't peaked in Article Comments

guyderman's Avatar

DLC is definatley the only way forward - peoples reactions everytime another Guitar Hero/Rockband spin off is announced proves this! I just hope this Rockband Network is utilised to it's potential...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review in Article Comments

's Avatar

need help to use you guitar on online

by yo

GH3 the first game to surpass $1 billion in sales in Article Comments

's Avatar

I hate press-the-button-to-the-beat-with-an-instrument-shaped-controller games!!!! They actually offend me, i mean think of all those classics that must have taken so long and so much money to make...

by Bimby

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Technical Specs
Release Date: 27/06/2008
Developer: Neversoft
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Music
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: BBFC 12
Site Rank: 2,891 1
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