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An Xbox One and PS4 release of GTA 5 will not prove as popular, relatively speaking, as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has said.

"We think that GTA 5 sales were front-end loaded, and a next generation version of the game is unlikely to achieve its historical attach rates," wrote Pachter in a research note relating to Take-Two financial results. "We believe that few gamers who intended to purchase GTA held off their purchases at launch, given that it has as yet to be announced for next-generation consoles."

He added: "We think that the launch of next-generation console version of the game will have great appeal to those next generation console purchasers who have not yet purchased the current generation version, but we think this is a small subset of next generation console purchasers in 2013 - 2014."

Pachter is also rather down on the performance of GTA Online.

"We are also pessimistic that GTA Online will contribute meaningful profits in the next fiscal year," wrote Pachter. "The game is available only to consumers who purchase GTA 5, limiting the addressable market to a fraction of the typical multiplayer audience.

"While it is clear that the game has monetized well, it was only a portion of the $132.8 million in digital revenues Take-Two generated during the quarter. We think it is important to note that Take-Two generated $105.5 million in digital revenue during the prior quarter, suggesting that at most, GTA Online is contributing $27 million per quarter."

Pachter suggests Rockstar must expand the game's audience by "making it free-to-play for all users" to avoiding limiting the revenue and profit potential of the game.

Wedbush Research Note

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User Comments

MariosLoveChild's Avatar


Yep, and in other news, night is dark.
Posted 08:24 on 04 March 2014
FrankMagnt's Avatar


How thick does Michael Patcher think people are? Of course next gen will not generate the same sales, not to begin with anyway. PS3 & xbox360 are established consoles being around for roughly 8 years. The install base is much larger than 2 new consoles which have not even had half a year to get going yet.
Congratulations on stating the obvious Patcher.
Posted 08:14 on 04 March 2014
freejunior11's Avatar


I am one of the many that passed on ps3 version, knowing for sure they'll be a ps4 version. I've been playing GTA for as long as the rest of us, so I like everyone else highly anticipated this. Whatever you gotta do Rockstar, just please get it done.
Posted 20:44 on 02 March 2014
demonmod's Avatar


here's the thing, even though this game has an M rating, i hear these little bastard children playing ALL THE TIME. trust me, that M rating doesn't stop a kid with bad parents. if you are thinking of not releasing gta5 for the ps4, even for a split second, you are truly a *****ing moron.
Posted 21:04 on 26 February 2014
General_Peanuts's Avatar


I wonder if theyll have the same online issues
Posted 18:06 on 10 February 2014
FredMertz's Avatar


Once again Pachter just doesn't get it. I have both a 360 and an Xbox One. I bought GTA V for the 360. I will also buy it for the One when it's released. I suspect most people in my position will do the same. Besides, we know that Pachter is usually wrong. As a Wall Street analyst, Pachter cannot be trusted. He's in business to take your money, not make you money.
Posted 16:01 on 05 February 2014
BenRawR's Avatar


It's already in process of running on PC - Next gen machine have "simplified PC architecture" - a PC version would be a simple port job to get it working on next gen...
Posted 20:52 on 04 February 2014
Manguy17's Avatar


Not sure I can agree, if they marketed it well, bundle in a story dlc and make sure there is a fairly clear performance improvement it will sell fine.
Posted 16:07 on 04 February 2014


If GTA V Definitive Edition (for lack of a better term) was released next week it would sell bucket loads because there's nothing else out!

If they wait until they release news on story DLC and then release next gen GTA V it will do fine.
Posted 15:45 on 04 February 2014
MJTH's Avatar


Patcher has this terrible habit of only ever basing his assumptions on current events, rather then also taking into account past trends in the industry and announcements that could be game changers (no pun intended) in the future. He once said that he's not always wrong, however the quotes of his the media choose put him in a bad. Well the simple thing is Mr Patcher, that the quotes the media chooses of yours tend to be the most important and the ones everyone cares about.

In this case whilst it's true the majority of gamers would have already bought the game on the 360 and PS3. However considering the mojarity of gamers who bought the XB1 and PS4 are some of the most enthusiastic of the bunch, I would assume a largish chunk of the amount of people who bought those systems would also enjoy a next gen version of the game to see how much better it looks, as shown by Tomb Raider: Definitive Editions first week sales.

Then again the ratio of people who bought the original release of tomb raider last year as opposed to this years next gen version, will probably be a lot less lob-sided then sales of GTA 5 last year and sales this year on next gen. The question is not whether it's financially viable (which it probably would be) then, but whether rockstar will even bother considering how much they've already sold.
Posted 15:40 on 04 February 2014
Bretty's Avatar


I don't understand how his words get so much coverage in the media still. He's hardly ever right, which makes him a terrible analyst in general, not just in the video game world. When he is right it's normally a safe bet (for example: GTA IV will sell well).

This article backs up my point fairly well:
Posted 15:26 on 04 February 2014


""The game is available only to consumers who purchase GTA 5, limiting the addressable market to a fraction of the typical multiplayer audience."

What? Its nothing new that the Mulitplayer-Part of Games comes in a Package with the Single Player. Can't remember that there are many Games where you can buy one without the other.
Does he really not understand that, after all those Years looking at the Gamingindustry?
Posted 15:02 on 04 February 2014

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