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GTA 5: Win a limited edition prize package

Win a GTA 5 golf club, varsity jacket, t-shirt, set of stickers, keyrings, Chop Dog toy, air freshener, USB stick, yoga mat, iPhone case, kitchen timer and magnet!

9 Publish date Nov 12

Testing Times - Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, looks at the making – and umaking – of the industry's biggest names and games. This week, a former tester takes us behind the scenes at one of gaming's biggest heavyweights...

7 Publish date Nov 9

GTA Online: 10 Amazing Events That Actually Took Place

GTA Online's true brilliance lies in the random events where hilarity always seems to ensue. Here's 10 genuine moments to prove just that.

5 Publish date Oct 25 Plays October 18, 2013

Well, we're not going to be playing Watch Dogs or DriveClub anytime soon...

3 Publish date Oct 18

Will the next-generation eradicate online launch dilemmas?

With the likes of GTA 5, SimCity and Final Fantasy XIV all struggling during the launch of their online offerings, will the next-generation of consoles be able to ensure that failing servers are a thing of the past?

2 Publish date Oct 9

VideoGamer UK Podcast: GTA 5 Special

The time has come where enough people have finished GTA 5 that we throw ourselves in a room to talk about it...

3 Publish date Oct 8 Plays October 4, 2013

The games we've decided to show all the love to this week.

4 Publish date Oct 4

GTA Online Verdict

Here's what you can expect when you enter the world of GTA Online.

12 Publish date Oct 2

GTA Online - What GTA 5's Online Mode Must Have

The newfound persistence of GTA Online is the natural evolution of the series' singleplayer. But Rockstar needs to take it further still.

5 Publish date Aug 15 2013

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