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Rockstar has claimed that it could have "easily" turned Grand Theft Auto into an annual franchise by 'churning out' a new GTA every year, but decided against doing so over fears that fans would "lose interest" in the series.

Discussing the history of the series with IGN, Rockstar North boss Leslie Benzies said that the team had "no idea" how the first 3D GTA would be received.

"When we were working on GTA 3 we were a much smaller team doing something new and experimental," he said. "We had no idea how the game would be received, just a belief that what we were working on was really special.

"Since then we have grown in to a much larger team and our games have much higher expectations. It's not just our own faith in each project we've had to repay, but our fans' too.

"We could easily have churned out a new version year after year without really progressing as a franchise but if we did that eventually the fans would lose interest."

Instead, Rockstar wants "every one of [its] games to meet and exceed the players' expectations so they always want more.

"As such GTA 5 feels like our most ambitious project yet," Benzies adds.

Benzies' comments follow the launch of the latest Call of Duty title yesterday, a series which has been criticised by some for its annual iterations.

Information on GTA 5 has been pouring out since Game Informer's huge info blowout last week.

A second trailer is expected to be released at 4pm GMT this afternoon.

In the same interview, Benzies also revealed that GTA 5 is being developed on a "new game engine" created by Rockstar.

Source: IGN

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User Comments

Batmamerc's Avatar


I think Rockstar have the ability to be able to not have a sequel out every year, RDR n LA Noire bridged the gap this time as did bully and manhunt with previous GTAs (Clockpunk I also want a new bully, an underrated classic that I'm sad to think may have just been a one off). CoD is annoying been out every year and I am one of those that have now lost interest in the series but that model does work for that game because you need refreshing maps and guns etc. Myself like many of Rockstars fans am still plying GTA 4 on PS3 and PC and San Andreas on Xbox and GTA 3 on my phone because there is a much bigger replay value to GTA than after you get bored of CoD, Cod isn't a place to just chill out and mess about like GTA and RDR is. There just wouldn't be enough time for a new sequel every year, DLC will suffice. That's enough capitalised abbreviations I think now, TTFN.
Posted 05:50 on 16 November 2012
munkee's Avatar


They did the right thing! Once again I find myself aboard the hype train and desperate for the next GTA instalment to arrive.

I've also still got my fingers crossed for another dark, sinister, thoroughly scary and viciously violent Manhunt game :P
Posted 11:00 on 14 November 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Just put out a Bully 2 already! Sheesh... Hells, I'd be happy with a few mini Episodes-like batches of content - they were a really good model.
Posted 10:26 on 14 November 2012

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