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Grand Theft Auto 5 may have only launched two weeks ago, but Rockstar already has "some ideas" about where to take the next game.

"We've got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do," Rockstar North producer Leslie Benzies told Develop, discussing where the series could head in the future. "We don't know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas."

Rockstar North's immediate focus is on stabilising the launch of GTA Online, which went live earlier this week, and developing DLC for GTA 5.

"GTA Online is the focus right now," continued Benzies. "There ain't no rest between finishing 5 and then Online. Plus we have some other things – stuff, DLC, I don't know how to describe it exactly – that we'd like to do, and we'll pick the right ones."

GTA 5 is believed to be the fastest-selling entertainment property in history, generating over $1bn in revenue within just 72 hours.


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User Comments

AdesteFideles's Avatar


I bet someone just said "lets do a GTA with gangsters in it, we haven't done that before!" and was immediately given two-billion shares in the company.
Posted 19:08 on 03 October 2013
RazorGecko's Avatar


It is logical for them to have plans from now, but I hope that we don't see a new GTA in 2016! (That would be too early)
Posted 15:19 on 03 October 2013


Let's get 5 right first, eh?
Posted 13:06 on 03 October 2013
Mefiras's Avatar


This is really not a surprise. In software development you usually have a long backlog of features that you are planning to implement at some point in the future. I am that for such huge piece of software as GTA this backlog is VEEEERY long.
Posted 12:56 on 03 October 2013

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