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GTA 5 will offers players the ability to take part in yoga under the expert care of Master Private Yoga Instructor Fabien LaRouche.

Positions include the Punching Starfish, the Downward Facing Camel and the Lucky Triangle. Judge for yourself, but to our eyes these look more like sexual positions than yoga positions.

gta 5 yoga -

Punching Starfish
A special pose that is both spiritual and mental, practised in the Far East, popularized by the Greeks. It is a pose that requires discipline to be entered slowly, or injury may occur and cause a partner to weep and never attempt the pose again.

Downward Facing Camel
True Namaste is achieved with this pose as the celestial spark within us is free – and the third eye opens to increase the flow of divine love.

Lucky Triangle
This deeply spiritual pose frequently begins with salutations with a potential partner to see if they are interested in stretching their mind and spirits after consuming some. Often requires a safe word.

Rockstar also offered details on Exclusive Country Clubs – offering some luxury desert-based golfing – and the Local Artisans, such as local tattoo parlours like Inc Inc and Blazing Tattoo.

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User Comments

timidmeow's Avatar


Sounds fabulous!
I wouldn't expect anything less from GTA.

Posted 20:51 on 26 August 2013
Baconchin's Avatar


Punching starfish just sounds too brutal.
Posted 16:15 on 25 August 2013
NayeemaAkter's Avatar


These pictures are not the reflection of the ancient discipline Yoga.

Posted 07:02 on 25 August 2013
thedanyrand's Avatar


Haha I have a friend whos been trying to get me to try yoga for awhile. Im going to send these to her and say "so we doing this?"
Posted 16:36 on 23 August 2013

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