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Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V will be revealed the day before E3 2012 and will hit stores on October 23, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

"They've outgrown the show," said Pachter in the latest edition of Pach-Attack. "I think they're way too cool to go."

He added: "My read on those guys is they like stealing the thunder from everything else. So if I had to bet, I'd say you'd get an announcement on GTA 5 the day before E3 starts, that'd be Monday, June 4."

But with such a packed holiday season where does GTA 5 fit into the release schedule? According to Pachter, Rockstar will move in on the turf of 2K's BioShock Infinite and appear in stores on October 23. Pachter says Rockstar simply doesn't "care about the 2K game". Analysis

We can't see Take-Two allowing two of its biggest franchises going head-to-head so Pachter's October 23 release date seems unlikely.

Via VG247

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User Comments

frankgrimes78's Avatar


I agree the holiday line up is pretty tight this year, it looks like there will be something for everyone!If it were possible, I think August would be perfect.I sure as f*** can't wait to try it.
Posted 22:43 on 26 May 2012
Woffls's Avatar



He's making a guess at when one of the most secretive devpubs (coined.) is going to reveal and release their flagship title, with nothing but guesswork.

And he's actually pretty cool.
Posted 10:22 on 30 April 2012
jeffyboy40's Avatar

jeffyboy40@ GTA5

Posted 16:04 on 28 April 2012
dudester's Avatar

dudester@ munkee

I'm with Munkee how can argue with that? I mean ***** it the game must be almost done now to be released in october so why *****ing wait? I went it late Aug/early sept!
Posted 14:05 on 28 April 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ GTA5

Eloquently put.
Posted 09:57 on 28 April 2012
GTA5's Avatar


Jeffyboy40 what are you *****ing stupid (may) as if people want to wait till next may if the game is already finishd by october ***** all the rest of the games GTA 5 will outdo them. Plus the game is already for pre - order.
Posted 06:57 on 28 April 2012
Wido's Avatar


Patcher needs to be hit with a shovel!
Posted 20:37 on 27 April 2012
jeffyboy40's Avatar


pachter pachter pachter! Seriously,does this dude get anything right,i hope he doesnt get paid for making these insane predictions that he pulls straight out of his bum. I predict this game will come out next may 2013,print that instead!
Posted 18:08 on 27 April 2012
munkee's Avatar


But he's hypnotic to watch. @_@ *ALL HAIL HYPNO-PACHTER*

Personally, and I'm no Pachter, I can't see GTAV arriving before next year.
Posted 11:08 on 27 April 2012
mydeaddog's Avatar


Pachter is wrong more often than he's right. I'd be skeptical of this one.
Posted 11:07 on 27 April 2012
dudester's Avatar


Yeah if your in charge of take 2 surely you would delay one of them and have window to yourself in the new year?
Posted 10:07 on 27 April 2012

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