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Grand Theft Auto 5 may have beaten global sales records by generating $800m revenue within its first 24 hours – but that still isn't enough to impress Peter Molyneux.

"The newly released Grand Theft Auto V is a game that's everywhere, you can hardly avoid it," Molyneux said, speaking at Mobile Entertainment's Top 50 Mobile Innovators project last night. "It will achieve around $1 billion in revenue on consoles in just one month.

"Sounds impressive, doesn't it? No. That's not impressive."

Instead, Molyneux believes that the revenue some mobile developers are pulling in is far more exciting.

"What is outstandingly impressive is the success of mobile companies like Supercell, who has released games including Hay Day and Clash of Clans," he continued. "Those games, which were released 18 months ago, are achieving revenue between $3 million and $5 million each day. That is impressive."

Molyneux left AAA development to form indie studio 22Cans last year. His next project, Godus, is currently in beta. Matt took a look at the game earlier this week and – like Peter's view on GTA 5's sales – came away unimpressed.


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User Comments

guyderman's Avatar


Iron Maidens Sales aren't as big as the Spice Girls were - doesn't make the Spice Girls a better band!
Posted 13:12 on 01 October 2013
milkyv_ampyre's Avatar


5 million in a day? Pfft, that's not impressive at all. I can pull $15 in an hour if I cut my neighbor's lawn.
Posted 15:13 on 30 September 2013
Hungryadamjones's Avatar


He is a twat. Let's be honest.
Posted 21:07 on 23 September 2013
dirkradke's Avatar


I'm not sure what Peter is smoking with the idea that this isn't impressive and then comparing how unimpressed he is compared to the amount of money someone is prepared to spend on an app game for a mobile device. It's impressive regardless of where or how you try to make money. Taking the $5 million example. A single mobile game would have to earn that amount per day for over 190 days to make the SAME amount of money GTA 5 made in 3 days. He may know how to make games, but he seems to be clueless when it comes to looking at earning potential for video games. The question is how impressive will it end up being? How much more money in the next 18 months based on what Peter said will GTA 5 earn?
Posted 08:49 on 23 September 2013
cynicalcookie's Avatar


For gods sake molyneux is not a bloody god now he makes all his money on in app purchases.Just because you play a game on your phones does not make you a gamer.PS:Godus is utter *****e.Plus just because a mobile game sells alot does not mean its good.
Posted 14:25 on 22 September 2013
4728015juan's Avatar

4728015juan@ wanderingmind

i beleive that you are 100% correct and i think that the game is gonna be a change for history
Posted 05:47 on 21 September 2013
4728015juan's Avatar


well maybe to you they are not impressive but i think that most of people where expecting for a game like this for years and you are just trying to take out the happiness and i think the sales will increase even more because of the multiplayer that was the reason that i bought because the mulltiplayer mode was going to be so excitng as excitng as robbing a liquor store to robbing a bank with you friends so if you anyone thinks its not inpressive ill say that you should buy the game frist because you give an opinion
Posted 05:44 on 21 September 2013
beryan's Avatar


Mr Molyneux is incorrect. According to Forbes magazine the WHOLE company, Supercell ( not just one or two games), generates 2.4m per day revenue from 8.5m daily players(back in April 2013).
Posted 21:11 on 20 September 2013
Redwind18o's Avatar


Those mobile games may make millions but it took them 18 months gta basically beat that gta has not even been out a week and its pas 1 billion now
Posted 20:26 on 20 September 2013
Redwind18o's Avatar


Someone's mad their mom didn't pay for GTA
Posted 20:22 on 20 September 2013
Endless's Avatar


A good point poorly made.

It's an Impressive sales figure for the high risk involved in AAA titles, plenty of similar titles have failed or under-performed.

But if compared to some other less risky models, with a low risk high volume approach, they have the potential to earn more. The barrier for entry is low and the design is such that people are encouraged to dip in and out regularly, rather than commit to a large undertaking like, for example, GTAV.
Posted 15:25 on 20 September 2013
DirectionGaming's Avatar


Agreed with EverTheOptimist, I seriously think he was out for attention here.
Posted 14:42 on 20 September 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


His attention-grabbing is definitely working though, isn't it?
Posted 12:31 on 20 September 2013
wanderingmind's Avatar


so the profits might not be as he put it 'all that impressive' (I would argue with that given the MASSIVE development cost of the game. but i ask you people - what would you rather play? a cow clicker that makes millions a day, or one of the best designed, best realised virtual worlds by one of the best AAA development houses out there.?

i don't give a crap about the profits, PM may well be right. But at the end of the day, rockstar made enough money to make more games, and those games will continue to be awesome.

That is what matters.
Posted 11:39 on 20 September 2013

pblive@ DancingRhino

In the context of the speech (not written text) he's basically saying that it's not impressive when compared to mobile profits. I think the issue is with what this looks like when written down.
Posted 11:24 on 20 September 2013

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