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The wait is almost over! At midnight tonight, hundreds of stores across the country will be opening to celebrate the launch of Rockstar's epic Grand Theft Auto 5. But getting caught up in the hype doesn't mean getting ripped off.

We've rounded up the confirmed prices from the major UK retailers below and, at the moment, Tesco appears to offer the lowest price on the high street, offering the game up for £32 when you buy a PlayStation Network card or Xbox LIVE Points, or an Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Plus subscription. Alternatively, you can pick it up for £38 by itself.

Take a look below for the list of prices on the high street, with more added throughout the day as further retailers confirm their in-store prices. Prices apply to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 standard edition unless stated.

£38 or £32 when you buy either Xbox LIVE 2100 Points (£17.50), 4200 Points (£34.50), Xbox LIVE 12 Month subscription (£38), £25/£35 PSN Card or PlayStation Plus 1 Year subscription (£40). Offer ends September 22.

Standard Edition: £44.99
Special Edition: £59.99


£44.99 or £39.85 when you pre-order online and select the Click and Collect delivery option. Alternatively, you can get it for free when you trade in two selected titles.

Standard Edition: TBC or free when you buy an Xbox 360 250GB console for £199.99.


TBC (Expected £39.97)


Already managed to get a copy? Let us know below and read our full GTA 5 review.

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User Comments

chr15yc's Avatar


Its crazy that Game have not bothered to release their price prior to release, is it any wonder they are going bankrupt.
Posted 21:21 on 16 September 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ Blitzalchem

GAME has only confirmed the Special Edition price so far, unfortunately. Still waiting for confirmation on Standard Edition, but looking unlikely it will be available before midnight.
Posted 20:37 on 16 September 2013
Blitzalchem's Avatar


Can someone please tell me what the real GAME price will be, or just tell me if the is a possibility of it being over £45
Posted 18:23 on 16 September 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ Barber2384

Sainsbury's has just confirmed this is the price it will be selling for in-store tomorrow, so I've updated the article. Thanks.
Posted 15:56 on 16 September 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Pre-ordered ages ago from Tesco just encase I wanted it using a £10 off £40 code. Was £39.99 so put in a Christmas tree decoration for £1. So £40.99 then took it to £30.99 this amount was taken at purcahse. Just got an email saying that I have a code for the £6 off one of the xbox/ps bits (Doesn't look like 2100 points in stock) I then checked my bank account and they have refunded me £1.99 too to level it to £38 price so I got it for a bargain £29.00. Happy days!
Posted 15:55 on 16 September 2013
j1mgg's Avatar


I have seen a picture that they lovely guys at CEX are selling the game today for £75. I dont mind about people getting the game early by mistake, but a retailer selling early at inflated price is a joke.
Posted 14:49 on 16 September 2013
Freekill's Avatar


Was £35 on about 2 weekends ago they made it cheaper for the weekend no idea why
Posted 13:56 on 16 September 2013
Barber2384's Avatar


I work at Sainsbury's and it is scanning at £41.79 atm though could change overnight but unlikely
Posted 12:41 on 16 September 2013
MarcusTheAnt's Avatar


Preordered last night from Tesco direct. £5 preorder cdiscount code and I had £6.50s worth of clubcard vouchers. Free delivery - £28.49. Probably wont actually get it for release date, but I think Ill live with it
Posted 10:34 on 16 September 2013
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ reynoldio

GAME £39.99
HMV £39.99
TESCO/ASDA/SAINSBURY'S £37.99 - £38.99
CEX £54.99

Buy some other ***** and get GTA for £35 everywhere :P

Wouldn't surprise me if HMV/GAME push the £44.99 price tag on this one.
Posted 10:24 on 16 September 2013
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ munkee

I'm sure it'll be updated as the day goes on! Maybe you could pop to Sainsbury's and help out... :)
Posted 10:20 on 16 September 2013
munkee's Avatar


There's a serious lack of information on pricing here considering that the entire article is based on it.
Posted 10:17 on 16 September 2013

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