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cultstoppers -

The ongoing GTA 5 viral relating to The Epsilon Program continues with the introduction of the website.

Tweeted by Rocktar, the new website claims that people are being being abducted by the apparent cult, then reappearing a year later "babbling gibberish".

The tweet mentions that @HayleeQuinn, @anacanapana and @AtheSneakerHead are missing.

"People think it's only teenage runaways, middle-aged virgins and creepy high-school loners who fall victim to cults, but it can happen to anyone," warns "Including you or your loved ones. Someone you know could suddenly disappear for a year and come back babbling gibberish.

"Most people don't realize they're in a cult until it's too late. You start off excited about some better way to live, then progress to worshipping some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath, then progress to worshipping the penis of some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath.

"One day you're smoking weed and knitting clothes in a utopian rural community; then suddenly it's 14 years later and you're standing in the middle of a burning barn with a cup of poison in your hand screaming "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!" at the top of your lungs while people chant outside.

"Cultstoppers can help. We've been there. Stay alert for our full site launch coming soon."

GTA 5 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17.

Source: @RockstarGames

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Weasel_Pants's Avatar


this is exactly the kind of humour i wanted from gtaV after the relatively straight faced gtaIV.
also, random side note, wonder if theyll have any comedians like they did last time. ricky gervais and frankie boyle were in the last one...
Posted 16:37 on 06 September 2013

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