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Rockstar has updated its Technical Support page with details on how to overcome some issues currently being experienced by GTA 5 players.

The issues include GTA 5 freezing on a load screen, getting stuck at the container handler in the Port Heist, and overcoming freezing when installing the game.

Here's a few of the issues in full:

Question: Grand Theft Auto V freezes on a load screen when I try to replay a mission. Is this a known issue?

Answer: This issue can occur either during a mission replay of "The Jewel Store job prep" or when retrying the mission after failing when acquiring the pest control van. A possible workaround at this stage would be avoid failing the mission at this particular point or to attempt this mission during the day, as it is possible the issue is caused by a scenario scripted to happen at night time.

Question: During the Agency Heist, the doors to Lester's Garment Factory are locked. How can I proceed?

Answer: This issue may occur if you fail the mission and choose not to retry the Agency Heist Setup. We recommend loading a previous save.

Question: When playing the mission "The Port Heist 1 – Setup", Trevor is getting stuck at the container handler; how can I resolve this issue?

Answer: This issue generally occurs when Trevor runs ahead of Floyd directly to the container handler. We recommend following behind Floyd to the container handler, as this will resolve the issue. If Trevor is currently stuck, reload your previous save game and be sure to follow behind Floyd.

You'll find further GTA 5 support questions and solutions over on the game's support page.

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User Comments

FLUDGE's Avatar


An article on Video Game Manor fixed my freezing issue in GTA V. Here's the article:
Posted 09:25 on 22 November 2013
PS3Gamer's Avatar


Heres a video I made of GTA5 freezing/crashing on the PS3! WTF!
Posted 01:34 on 25 September 2013


Here's a helpful hint:

We don't know, we aren't Rockstar!
Posted 09:06 on 23 September 2013
Lennox_Trace's Avatar


Hey so my money is down to -40 and have done a heist which was worth 30mil and it still shows up as -40? I have done a few robberies and it sill stays at -40. What can I do??
Posted 01:45 on 23 September 2013
BlackNeckLiama's Avatar


Any progress om the loading issues?
Posted 17:22 on 22 September 2013
ellana17's Avatar

ellana17 about you just learn how to *****ing drive?..and ragdoll is exactly what real people do when knocked unconscious - even momentarily - or killed...
Posted 15:20 on 20 September 2013
ConnorJohnn's Avatar


Yeah how about you fix the issue of the driving and ragdoll physics because they are *****TTTT!!!!
Posted 09:48 on 20 September 2013
nadernadernader's Avatar


How do you load a game ? I recently signed in with my Xbox and the game started over from the start. I reached 29% and the save is still on my there any way to load the save?
Posted 01:49 on 20 September 2013
Selh's Avatar


I have a great idea, fix your *****ing game.
Posted 22:32 on 19 September 2013
Dcole02's Avatar


I cannot get into the sub as Trevor after i drop it.
Posted 21:00 on 19 September 2013
Chlandy's Avatar


Best advice EVER

"A possible workaround at this stage would be avoid failing the mission at this particular point "
Posted 12:28 on 18 September 2013

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