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Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot
Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

There are plenty of things to be excited about in GTA 5. The multiple characters, the size of the world, the fact that you can scuba dive like a Jacques Cousteau, if Cousteau was a crank-addled madman with a fetish for ultraviolence.

Anyway, forget all that. Here are the smaller things that will make GTA 5 the best thing since the last thing Rockstar did.


Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

A funny thing to get excited about, especially when in reality the prospect of even thinking about competing in a triathlon seems about as more terrifying than spiders and zombie Thatcher combined.

In San Andreas however, the combination of triathlons and an in-game week cycle turned me into the sort of iron man that would make Lance Armstrong's doping program proud. Every Sunday I'd change into my gym shorts, head down to the beach, and compete in the triathlon.

Why? No idea. But then again, why did I only do missions at night in San Andreas? Why did I have a strenuous workout routine that happened every day at around 8Am? Because it seemed to fit in naturally with the world. (No-one should commit crime in broad daylight, after all.)
That was the power of the game: giving you a bunch of things to do letting you choose how you did them, no matter how outlandish or banal they might have been.

Also, you got to race against a giant cock. If you can't do that in 5 I'm going to be very upset.

Property Buying

Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

This one's a big feature for me, because lets face it: if you've made millions of dollars from a vast and brutal criminal empire, you're not going to carry them around in your pocket (pay attention, Mr Bellic). Especially when your job is essentially to fling yourself out of moving vehicles at top speed.

No, like all good gangsters, I want to be able to, ahem, diversify (hide) my interests (blood money) in fancy/garish property (that one's pretty self-explanatory). After all, just look how much fun Tony Montana was having! (That's the moral, right?)

Anyway, a GTA game where you use money like you'd usually use bullets (as in, controlling or eliminating your enemies) sounds good to me. Earlier games have experimented with this: Vice City and San Andreas saw you using your cash to purchase property. Vice City Stories took it even further, enabling players to buy fronts for illicit buisnesses. Once the building was yours, then came the decision as to what level of production to go for: higher rates means higher profits, but increased attention from rival gangs, who would attack the fronts.

It was an interesting system, and I'd love to see it built upon in GTA 5. Because if I can't purchase a mansion with a swimming pool shaped like a dick in it, what have I accomplished? Nothing.


Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

A lot has been made of the three playable characters, and the ability to switch between them at will. At the moment, Rockstar's stance is that 5 will not feature a co-operative campaign. Seems fairly open and shut. But I'd be surprised if it didn't have it, in one way or another. After all, Rockstar itself has stated that the studio is moving away from providing a linear path through the game, with the heist missions now playing a big part. If that is the case – and there's always two other AI characters wandering around – surely you'd be able to recruit other players into your game to take over those roles?

I hope so, because Rockstar seems to be going all out with every other element of the game, and it would be a shame for the firm to miss what seems like an open goal. Saints Row is a series that is improved immensely by the addition of campaign, simply because the amount of dicking around increases ten-fold. Speaking of multiplayer and dicking around...


Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

For all of its merits as a story-driven single-player game, elements of GTA 4's multiplayer mode were also truly brilliant. There's little to touch taking on the city's cops, running wild with a posse of friends through Liberty City in free mode, and the smaller, objective-based missions were also a lot of fun. But it's Cops and Crooks that really grabbed me: two teams on opposite sides of the law try to escape or kill the others.

It's a fine concept that was great in execution, as the crooks (who start on foot) deperately try to make it to the escape zone by any means necessary. Car chases, desperate leaps off of bridges, and tense shootouts were staples, and there's a horrifying, The Terminator-chasing-you tension to being a crook. You know a game mode is good when it lets you crash a chopper into a crook players escape helicopter to prevent him winning the round.

Now, take that mode and put it into 5's massive world – and, more excitingly, its vehicles – and I'll pretty much call it a day on the rest of my life. Multi-part escapes, like taking a chopper to the airport while hounded by cops? Sign me up.

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User Comments

Killerwatt's Avatar


Dude this is more innovative and creative than Gta 3! U cannot say it isn't changing, they are taking elements from rdr Gta la noir and many more so quit yo bitching and stop bothering people that actually have the brain to realise that this game will be the last good game on the 360 PERIOD!
Posted 16:18 on 06 May 2013
TheLastProphet's Avatar

TheLastProphet@ tvr77

As I have told you before, I don't "have it in" for Rockstar or the GTA franchise, and I explained my two concerns were that GTA games have evolved very little since GTA 3 in 2001, and that the way Videogamer are hyping up GTA 5 is way over the top.

I understand what this website is about, and about gaming websites in general. They should be spaces where gamers can get impartial and factual information about games - spaces where childish and immature fanboyism and brown-nosing certain 'big-name' developers and franchises have no place.

In my opinion it is embarrassing to declare a game the 'Next-Gen come early' when you don't even know if you were shown the current-gen or next-gen version of the game.
In my opinion it is embarrassing to declare a game 'The best of this generation and beyond' when you have never even actually played the game.

Are you telling me it's ok for Videogamer to have these opinions, but it's wrong for me to have a different opinion? According to you there is nothing wrong with "Having an opinion about a videogame", but when I state my opinion about GTA games you clearly get your knickers in a twist, asking "Did Rockstar boink your Gran or something?"
Why does my opinion warrant insults and ridicule if there's nothing wrong with expressing your opinion about a videogame?

Perhaps what you really think is "there is nothing wrong with having an opinion about a videogame - as long as I agree with it".

Gaming is my passion and I enjoy discussing anything related to video games. However, I only ever do so in a polite and articulate manner.
The internet gives me access to Billions of uneducated fools with low IQ's with whom I can trade insults with all day long if I wish, so I have no compulsion to do so with you.

If you think I am wrong and can express why in an intelligent and respectful manner then I'll be more than happy to continue this discussion, if not then please don't reply at all - to this or any future comments I may make.

Finally, I would ask my Gran if Rockstar boinked her or not, but unfortunately she died of Cancer in January.
Posted 01:24 on 06 May 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ TheLastProphet

My god you really have it in for GTA don't you? Did Rockstar boink your Gran or something. I don't think you understand what this website or any other of this nature is about.
What on earth is there to be embarrassed about? Having an opinion about a videogame?
Posted 21:53 on 05 May 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar

Batmamerc@ Flabawoogl

Exactly what I'm getting at, you still roamed the land with other players with the whole map accessible but scattered around there were missions to take part in the only thing was it was missing npc characters roaming around the towns in free roam as I recall so GTA V needs to be able to keep the entire single player atmosphere in free roam for it to work otherwise it will just feel like your robbing from a ghost town again, GTA 4 I think was same too or I may be remembering that wrong. Rockstar are not stupid they know what we want and what we liked from before they brought free roam from 4 to red dead and can't see them cutting it from 5 only enhance it even further with these heists. I'm so excited for gameplay from this but as its rockstar we are just gonna have to wait patiently till At least August I reckon, but guarantee we are not gonna be disappointed at all.
Posted 11:45 on 05 May 2013
munkee's Avatar


If all video game sites only stated facts and didn't veer into fanboy conversation, or excited speculation, then ALL websites would say EXACTLY the same thing. So there would be no need for any of them at all.

If, however, you're looking for a place to discuss video games and possibilities, then continue reading.
Posted 11:07 on 05 May 2013
Flabawoogl's Avatar

Flabawoogl@ Batmamerc

From what I understand, you're trying to sat that heists can be a part of the multi-player. Similar to RDR, where you and your posse just roll around taking out strongholds and other such things, for that good loot at the end, similar to single-player free roaming.
If that's what you're getting at, GTA V will be a definite no questions asked Best Multiplayer 2013.
Posted 08:59 on 05 May 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar

Batmamerc@ TheLastProphet

Welcome to the videogame site that is run by gamers, fans of videogames and if your a videogamer fan that isn't a Rockstar fan then you may as well just have your main console be an iPod touch. Houser said as you quoted the campaign won't be co-op but I'm presuming as I haven't had hands on or seen the game for myself that the side missions and of which I also presume that the heists are also classed as side missions not main story may well
Be co-op based it would make sense for the heists to be played online it sounds fun to plan wit your mates and I can't imagine rockstar would leave that out they seem to know what gamers want from there games, they haven't really gotten it wrong yet have they, well in your opinion maybe.
Posted 19:13 on 04 May 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar


Yeah, it almost sounds like they're enthusiastic and LIKE video games. Disgusting!
Posted 18:01 on 04 May 2013
TheLastProphet's Avatar


The title of this article is "GTA 5: The other things that WILL make it great" - so why on earth is coop play mentioned?

Dan Houser (the Vice President of Rockstar) has clearly and categorically stated in several interviews that coop play will NOT be a feature of the campaign, stating:

"It would be impossible to do that and keep the level of precision we've got in this. You could make a great co-op game, but we felt that we're doing other bits of our multiplayer that will fulfill those desires in ways we think are very fun".

It seems the team at Videogamer are intent on hyping GTA 5 up to an absurd level which is becoming embarrassing, already declaring it the 'Next-Gen come early' and 'the best game of this generation and beyond' (having not actually played the game at all).

However this is just shoddy journalism, in complete disregard of the facts. There is a lot we don't know about GTA 5 - but we do know for a fact that coop play will not be incorporated in the campaign, and for coop play to even be mentioned in an article about the things which (supposedly) WILL make GTA 5 great is misleading and wrong.

Coop play should be removed from the article, and in general, the team at Videogamer need to display a lot more objectivity about GTA 5 and tone down the hyperbole when reporting about the game.
Posted 17:20 on 04 May 2013
sharky's Avatar


yeah c&c (all for one) was awesome. but after playing it so much i would know where the getaway would spawn. so would others and they would trash the boat so hopefully the new c&c will have multiple escape vehicles to choose from. on top of that the lobby system sucked as the host wouldn't check ready sometimes and teams were often uneven. i'm sure it's all been sorted for v though.

@cheaptrick piss off spamming *****.
Posted 16:32 on 04 May 2013


Cops and crooks was amazing, I think everyone's got a story from playing that game. I have an amazing story in which a single crook(me) overcame all odds to escape the police after a leap of faith from a bridge left him nearly dead.

And the property buying could be really cool.

I hoped for a china town wars style drug dealing, but that's unlikely now.

Triathlons were just holding forward and A for an uncomfortable amount of time.
Posted 21:46 on 03 May 2013

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