GRID 2 screenshot
GRID 2 screenshot

GRID 2 is set to introduce 'LiveRoutes', a new feature that dynamically changes the layout of tracks as players race, Codemasters revealed at the EG Expo this weekend.

With LiveRoutes switched on, sections of track will differ from one lap to the next, meaning that a straight might become a series of bends or vice versa.

Presumably, the idea is to add more variety to races and introduce players to unexpected road layouts.

GRID 2 is due for release in summer 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The first gameplay videos of the game were released last week. James thought it looked "amazing".

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FantasyMeister's Avatar


It's a sort of strange move really, currently on consoles there are only two real 'Sim' car racers - Gran Turismo and Forza - so Grid always had a chance of grabbing a portion of that market, instead they're adding an arcade feature and moving into territory already crowded with the likes of Burnout and Split/Second.

Whilst it appears you can turn LiveRoutes off/on it's really besides the point, and considering that Codemasters already have the F1 market already sewn up it seems strange that they don't want to compete in the pure car racing sim marketplace on consoles as well.

Imagine the excitement if Codies announced they were going to tackle that genre head on? Or maybe it's just me that would be excited.
Posted 16:48 on 01 October 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Wow that's really inventive. I'm not sure I would prefer that to learning and perfecting a course, but I guess when you get to the stage of being too good, it's fun to have a challenge and some surprises to keep you on your toes.
Posted 11:58 on 01 October 2012

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