GRID 2: Peak Performance Pack Trailer

The Peak Performance Pack includes maxed out versions of the cars featured in this trailer.

Publish date Jul 23 2013

GRID 2: Extended Play

Chris and Dave return to the Grid series after a 5 year wait. It soon becomes evident that Chris hasn't spent those years practicing...

Publish date May 31 2013

GRID 2: Launch Trailer

Codemasters' latest races into stores today.

Publish date May 31 2013

GRID 2: WSR Part 3 - Asia, New Frontiers Trailer

GRID 2 heads to Asia as players are offered the first glimpse at downhill touge racing and drift events.

Publish date May 15 2013

GRID 2: Multiplayer Redefined Trailer

Take a ride around Indianapolis and check out Racenet's social functionality in the newest trailer for GRID 2.

Publish date Apr 25 2013

GRID 2: WSR Part 1: An American Dream Trailer

Meet Patrick Callahan, the entrepreneur behind GRID 2's World Series Racing.

Publish date Mar 14 2013

GRID 2: World Series Racing Trailer

A glimpse at some of the cars and tracks players will get to experience as they progress through the WSR.

Publish date Feb 14 2013

GRID 2: Chris Harris on GRID 2 - Part 1

The video shows how Brands Hatch is created in-game and features stunning real life footage of the stunning McLarens power-sliding around some of the most iconic corners in racing.

Publish date Jan 28 2013

GRID 2: Chicago Street Racing Gameplay

Features a Street Racing stage with muscle cars including the Camaro SS, Z06 Corvette and Boss Mustang.

Publish date Sep 27 2012

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