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Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot
Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

Microsoft has sent out a reminder to ensure everyone knows Grand Theft Auto IV is available today for Xbox 360 - it's also out on PS3.

The platform holder suggests players connect to Xbox LIVE and play GTA 4 multiplayer with friends, something which can of course be done - for free - on PS3.

What can't be had on PS3 are the much discussed downloadable episodes, which Microsoft has today confirmed will debut in the autumn and should offer gamers "hours of additional play".

Check out's 10/10 GTA 4 review if you're still not convinced.

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nick's Avatar
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Quit complaining about the 50$ a year that xbox live costs. If you cant spare that then you shouldnt be playing next gen and its that money that goes toward dlc and exclusive releases
Posted 18:49 on 09 July 2008
Harry's Avatar
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I'm worried about the 'hours of gameplay' comment. Hours? What happened to the 'size of San Andreas'? That would constitute *dozens* of hours. When they just say 'hours' I'm thinking 'Mass Effect-scale' episodes. That would be a huge disappointment.
Posted 10:32 on 08 May 2008
bob's Avatar
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well it will be for free or a very small fee. microsoft is so good to us xbox users. not free online but the online is way better then ps3 (no offence to ps3 owners). why high games come to xbox and not so much to ps
Posted 09:56 on 04 May 2008
DA22's Avatar
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Ten quid probabaly
Posted 12:06 on 29 April 2008
Neil's Avatar
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I wonder how much they will charge for these extra two episodes? In order to make back some of the $50 million they apparently paid for the exclusive content (in two £25 million chunks) I bet they won't be cheap.
Posted 12:01 on 29 April 2008

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