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gta vice city 10th -
gta vice city 10th -

Spotify playlists for a host of Grand Theft Auto titles have been compiled and released by Rockstar Games.

With the playlists you can easily browse and find your favourite tracks from GTA radio stations, including songs from GTA 4, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City, GTA 3, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars.

Rockstar says that it hopes to includes the original songs from the games where possible.

You'll find all the Spotify links – and those for iTunes – over on Analysis

Is there a particular song that always takes you back to playing GTA? Share your nostalgia in the comments below.

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User Comments

sharky's Avatar


my first thought is flock of seagulls but i tend to listen to the talkies more than anything for the laughs. Moorehead Rides Again and The Time Ranger from vcs station vcpr would be my favourite.
The hip hop stations are usually good but IV was a bit weak on that but i guess that more the fualt of the era.
Posted 14:22 on 13 April 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


The most memorable, for me, is actually from GTA IV - the strange electronica station hosted by a computerised voice. Just driving through Liberty City at night, with that station on... wonderful! :p

Such a shame it wasn't included in the Episodes disc release... :-/
Posted 12:41 on 12 April 2013
AlecRoss's Avatar


I've had the CD Box Set from Vice City for ten years, and it's lived in every car I've owned. Now and then I like to have a bit of V-Rock or New Wave playing while I'm driving, pretending to be chased by the police :P

I Wanna Rock! ROCK!
Posted 11:31 on 12 April 2013
munkee's Avatar


Is there a particular song that always takes you back to playing GTA? Share your nostalgia in the comments below.

What are yours?

For me,

A classic moment has to be leaving Ken Rosenberg's office and sitting on a moped for the first time to be unleashed into Vice City with Billie Jean blasting through the sound system.

Or, cruising through a thunder storm in my Mafia Sentinel listening to Omni Trio on MSX radio.
Posted 10:22 on 12 April 2013

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