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Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

Extended details found in the recently published GTA 4 BBFC classification have revealed new details about the sexual content of Rockstar's anticipated title. This includes sexual references, prostitution, lap dancing and portrayed masturbation.

"Sex references also occur during cut scenes, including references to strong sexual behaviour," states the BBFC classification. "During gameplay the character can pick up prostitutes... What follows is an un-detailed portrayal of masturbation, fellatio and intercourse. The character can also visit lap dancing clubs and request a private dance. While the game contains sexualised dancing and the portrayal of sex, there is no sexualised nudity."

GTA 4 is scheduled for release on April 29 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The BBFC listing has since been removed from the website. Game spoilers have been removed from the image below at the request of Rockstar. For more on the game head over to the GTA 4 game page.

Update: The BBFC has contacted explaining why the GTA 4 extended classification information disappeared almost as soon as it was published.

"We have taken this down because we have a policy which is that we will not put up the ECI for a work more than 10 days before the work is released. Due to a technical hitch we put up the ECI for GTA IV too soon. We will be putting up the full, unedited ECI on the 19th of April," explained a BBFC spokesperson.

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User Comments

aadddddd's Avatar
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what was it?
Posted 04:09 on 22 April 2008
Clance's Avatar


Yeah? thanks for clearing that one up, so to speak.
Posted 16:38 on 07 April 2008
Earthsgamer's Avatar
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the stars bit means w.a.n.k. lol [jus incase u fink its summin else lol]
Posted 14:27 on 07 April 2008
Earthsgamer's Avatar
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does dis mean u can av a **** in gameplay lol
Posted 14:26 on 07 April 2008
Modest Mouse's Avatar
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Modest Mouse

They took it off
Posted 19:25 on 02 April 2008
Modest Mouse's Avatar
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Modest Mouse

Quick, they'll take it off soon.
Posted 19:08 on 02 April 2008
Modest Mouse's Avatar
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Modest Mouse

guys, i really hate to be a total spoil sport, but...

Open the image above in a new window, and edit the address bar by taking out the "1" at the end of the image name...
Posted 19:06 on 02 April 2008
Iain_McC's Avatar


Phew. No nipples. Society is saved from Armageddon yet again! Because all that murder and drug snorting is perfectly well-adjusted behaviour you'd expect from normal people. Oh, wait...
Posted 09:36 on 02 April 2008
riot mouse's Avatar
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riot mouse

april fools!!! i guess!!!
Posted 04:44 on 02 April 2008
Hardcore's Avatar
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I imagine 'un-detailed' means we'll have the full-on audio, but only 'suggestive' imagery (sort of like the pixelation of the Sims 'private activities').

Rockstar is, however, well aware that one of their programmers will likely have cooked up a little backdoor which will de-pixelate everything and give you the hardcore full-frontal - accessible only by modding your console, naturally.

Why? Because programmers are generally horny *******s with negligent sex lives...just like the majority of gamers. The mod will become public knowledge shortly after the release; creating more infamy and boosting sales (again). So why mess with a winning strategy?
Posted 04:26 on 02 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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"un-detailed portrayal of masturbation"

I think someone who can deal with the insane level of violence this game has can deal with masturbation.... I don't see why this is so dramatic? Only in north america is sex more censored then violence and gore.
Posted 03:32 on 02 April 2008
Marink's Avatar

Marink@ Clance

This is for the lonely old men who live in their parent's basement (and Exnor ;)).
Posted 18:02 on 01 April 2008
Clance's Avatar


To be honest, I wish it didn't have any of it... It doesn't need it and just leads to some embarrassing acting and bad voice over work including lines like 'oh, you bad honey!' and 'show me a good time' etc etc etc.

It never really suits the main character in GTA to be with these silly girls!!! Why can't they just have a good and worried, strong wife to look after and go and see now and again and reassure things are good.... That would be so much better than chasing some white stilleto-wearing, frilly bird.
Posted 17:15 on 01 April 2008
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ Clance

Originally Posted by Clance
I wonder what 'un-detailed' means. Maybe more Channel 5 than Television X, I guess.
I imagine it means you won't see anything.
Posted 17:06 on 01 April 2008
Clance's Avatar


Or more Eastenders than Red Shoes Diaries. Channel 5 is (or was) up there with TV-X.

What am I saying all this for!?!!!
Posted 17:06 on 01 April 2008

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