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We're not going to stop playing GTA 4 any time soon, but we're already longing for new things. While many gamers probably didn't rush through it as fast as we did, you will come to the end eventually, and when that day comes you'll want more. We know Rockstar will be releasing new episodes exclusively to the Xbox 360, so that'll provide us with more missions, but what about extra things to enhance the game? We've put our heads together to come up with the Top 10: Things we want from GTA 4 DLC. Read on and let us know what you'd like Rockstar to add in the months to come.

10. More TV shows/websites

Although really only a very small part of what GTA 4 offers, the TV shows viewable from the TVs in your apartments are well worth watching. Our problem is that we got through them all and wanted more. We want more from our favourite shows, like The Mens Room and the brilliant space cartoon which sees marines blowing up every new life-form, but we also want brand-new shows. It seems odd paying for new content that isn't directly related to GTA 4's gameplay, but we just can't get enough. A few more pages on GTA 4's internet service would be great too. We spent ages reading over the tongue-in-cheek fake sites that Rockstar had clearly spent far too long making.

9. New radio stations

It might seem a bit ungrateful to ask for more Radio Stations in a game that includes more than 200 music tracks, but after cruising around Liberty City for more than 40 hours we're in need of some fresh material. You know what else would be cool? How about the game recognising when you plug an MP3 player into your console, letting Niko wear an iPod (this is Rockstar, so it'd have to be a cool brand) in the game to listen to music while on foot? Maybe asking for too much, but you don't get what you don't ask for.

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User Comments

fredro's Avatar
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I Hope that weapons, cars, and theatre mode will be coming out no doubt, but the others i cant really see. I hope they do all of them, if they have time.
Posted 22:04 on 14 June 2008
Lord Sephiroth's Avatar
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Lord Sephiroth

Haven't played the game yet, but I seen a lot of the game on youtube. A chainsaw would be SWEET!
Posted 03:18 on 08 June 2008
dorky's Avatar
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make a happy ending!!!!
Posted 05:29 on 28 May 2008
kamaguy drew's Avatar
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kamaguy drew

if the cars run out of petrol to sorry i missed a letter out in the last comment i made
Posted 14:24 on 25 May 2008
kamaguy drew's Avatar
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kamaguy drew

i think that it be really good and more realistic if they put more petrol stations in the game (gas station) but the best part you have to buy gas (petrol) and you can buy or still the petrol up to the player and the cars rn out of petrol to if you dont keep it topd up,but the petrol has to last ages though not run out every 5minits because that might be anoying maby last a 45 minits in our time not computer gta time could bbe more fun and if you could fly the plains that be good to go to a airport and highjack one of them lol
Posted 14:20 on 25 May 2008
Tony's Avatar
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I agree with the new vehicles the most. I MISS the parchutes, BMX, and especially the planes! Theatre mode sounds GREAT too. Too bad it's not gunna happen.
Posted 00:53 on 23 May 2008
tim's Avatar
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why is there no exploding gas tanks and why cant you purchase property or talk to people on the street whenever you want. You should also be able to customize cars
Posted 01:52 on 18 May 2008
Luke's Avatar
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I wholeheartedly agree with all ten requests. As far as I'm concerned while the storyline and realism in GTA 4 were very good, this game overall was a step backwards for Rockstar. No planes, no new weapons, no parachute, no ability to replay the missions without replaying the game, etc really made me want to return the game to get my money back. San Andreas if 300x's better than GTA 4...
Posted 21:42 on 16 May 2008
MarkODonoughue's Avatar
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San andreas is a much better game. shame they couldn't add more to gta 4 rather than just taking everything away. the story is good, as in all gta games. but once you have finished it ..... "Perppp" feck all to do. where has everything gone. Sorry rock star you have lost a life long fan (i only got an x-box for gta4) i wont be Queuing for anything of yours again. if you need any ideas i would love to help.
Posted 17:36 on 16 May 2008
Coffee_and_tea's Avatar


Oh and it would be sick if they added a tank like in san andreas
Posted 18:30 on 15 May 2008
Coffee_and_tea's Avatar


I would love it if they put planes, parchutes, new weapons, new missions, and a few more cars.
But most of all i miss the sky diving out of a jet that was so much fun.
Posted 18:29 on 15 May 2008
D's Avatar
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for the mini-game section, maybe include paintball or sumtin..that wud be great , especially on multiplaya. and also the ability to customize cars, like put NOS like in san andreas.
Posted 10:03 on 13 May 2008
frank's Avatar
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yeh cool ideas.gta4 is an awesome game. to quicken it up i have been using these
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Posted 07:14 on 12 May 2008
gkm's Avatar
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I love the game....its amazing...rockstar did a great job on it...though there are some things missing that made san andreas n all them flying a plane, going to a casino (though I'm not sure gambling's legal in new york, so it wouldnt be legal in liberty city) customizing your car was great san andreas i kept a collection of customized cars n only brought them out for special occasions. I was also kind of disappointed when i went to use my camera phone to take a screenshot and i couldn't save the photo :S. And playing minigames against online friends in free mode would be pretty cool. But definitely keep it up with the T.V. shows...probably some new radio comercials if not the songs. Some more acts at split sides. And most definitely a parachute.
What I thought was clever was being able to use your phone to call the opponents on the oppiste'd really be immersive if you could use the phone to private chat friends outside of the game, but that would probably require new code script.
Posted 19:19 on 11 May 2008
t's Avatar
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in the dlc there should definatly be a theatre mode or some sort of instant replay as has already been mentioned, but for me having something along the lines of owning property or night clubs where you have to go and collect rent from them every so often in a similar sort of way you owned property in san andreas and defend them from random gangs who try to do forced take overs.
Posted 23:32 on 09 May 2008

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