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3. Near-real NPCs

As great as the NPCs are in GTA 4, they're still not all that convincing as real humans. In the first GTA on the next consoles we want people to have lives and personalities, and to have their own goals in the game. GTA 4 is great at creating the illusion of realism, but look beyond the surface and you'll easily spot things that show you're still just playing a game. People should go to and from work, stop in the street to talk to friends, and hopefully drive far better than they do in GTA 4.

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First sorry about my english I try to do my best :D(please write about my englishD:D:D) whatever.There is some of my ideas for gta
1- I think we should search dead bodies for their money and guns.Their money and guns just fall on the ground.
2-)we should have credit cards.When we buy some guns or clothes which are expensive and we dont have enough money for them.We can use our credit card so we can pay it in 6 or 7 days.
3-)I think ıf there is one or two stadiums for sports in gta cities and we can go to matchs and watch the match. that could be very cool.Of course football teams fans are very wild when they lose a game and walk in the streets with their uniforms.
4-)why cant we skate in streets.
5-)Why cant we have jobs and offices so we can earn money with that jobs.
6-)There is no animals or babies in streets.
7-)When police arrested us.Why dont we go to prison.So we can stay in there for 4(:D) or 5 days or we can escape from prison somehow
8-)there should be zoos in cities.I want to see some animals in Gta please :D
9-)Why cant we marry with a woman that we love.
10-)we can play basketball in gta san andreas why cant we play basketball in gta 4
11-)why cant we use some peaple to do our jobs for us like they give us jobs.This should be very useful
This is my ideas . Can they do this with some updates for gta 4. İf that is possible they must do some of these
Posted 17:24 on 17 May 2008

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ghost101's Avatar


Plus its coming out on xbox first cause microsoft and rstar have this deal when it comes to gta sony used to have that deal but microsoft has it now.
Posted 16:57 on 21 May 2011
ghost101's Avatar


These are good ideas but we are not even close to having that sort of tech in games and if we did we would be paying alot of money for it but I like scaning yourself into the game that sounds awesome plus id like to see more games with robing of bank only game I know that has it is godfather now that was a hell of a game
Posted 16:44 on 21 May 2011
The_Mad_Dooby's Avatar

The_Mad_Dooby@ seanthemon

i dont mind the idea but really, i find the cops in gta 4 anoying enough, i dont know how many times the stupid pigs have ruined a mission for me cause i ran some old bitch over that was jay walking, like really? i even stopped! if anything should be done to the cops, improve their driving skills, really that aspect is just sad. i want them to chase me when im screwing around, not smash into trees and buildings that are freakin obvious. its not like the damned thing jumped out at you. if you've ever played mafia two, you'll know how annoying it is when you have to change your freakin paint job every two blocks, pain in the ass. good idea none the less, just maybe not the part where they're stalking you like your ex girl friends bff
Posted 05:45 on 11 May 2011
The_Mad_Dooby's Avatar


GTA idea

Car modification should come back to GTA and it should be like no other car customization ever seen in a video game. Here's an idea that has never been seen before and truly would make a new GTA that much better than the rest. Tell me what you think of this draft of mine.


Cars should have an extensive modification system by being able to buy custom parts from multiple retailers for different types of vehicles. The custom parts could be rewards from missions as well. Also you should be able to take parts from vehicles you hi Jack or buy and put them in other vehicles. Such as dropping a banshee's engine in a dukes or the exhaust system of a comet and put it in a ballista. (A) Garage(s) should be able to be purchased at some point in the game where you can store up to 5 cars while you work on them. Rims, rim sizes, tires and the ride height should all be used as aspects of modification. Custom parts and chassis should be able to be created or purchased. Everything in a vehicle should be customizable including numerous interior options such as gps's seats, steering wheels, sound systems, and gauges. After making your vehicles you should be able to sell them for a profit based on the quality, speed, uniqueness and sex appeal of a vehicle.

The Garage

When you park a vehicle in the garage you own, there should be no specific way to park it and when you leave it there it stays in the same place. To interact with the car to take parts from it or add to it, all you should have to do is walk up to the desired vehicle, press the interaction button listed and a menu of options will pop up. The menu would include engine, chassis, transmission, wheels and dimensions, body, paint shop, and interior. Select one of the headers and subsections would come up with the different sections of the selected header. for example you select engine, another list would come up with options to select different parts of the engine to mod or to take the whole engine out of the vehicle and place it on the shelf*. (the shelf is the place where all purchased or acquired parts will go to, to be selected an used at a later time in different vehicles) once done modding the selected, go back to the main options menu for the selected vehicle and you should have the choice to sell the vehicle, scrap it or leave it for future use. new garages should be able to be purchased if the map is Sanandreas or if it is just one city, the garage should be upgradable with better furnishings, tools, stands, lifts an options for how to store un used vehicles so you can fit more vehicles in the garage.

How and Where To Get Parts

Cars and parts should be able to be bought at stores, fabricated in the garage, recieved from missions, and or purchased at junk yards where you can take a tow truck or normal truck and pick up vehicles for parts or just pick up parts for the cars you have. The vehicles that show up in the junk yard should be ones off the street that you have totalled by killing the driver in an "accident". There also should be a few unique vehicles you get either from missions or the junk yard that if you restore you get and achievement or trophy. These unique vehicles should give you a large cash sum if you sell them or special benefits if you keep them. This is kind of like the sunshine autos car collector missions in vice city mixed with the impound lots at the police stations in gta SA. some parts could also be ordered off the internet and/or may be illegal and if the cops catch you with them they may arrest you. Another possible idea would be that you could collect different blueprints hidden around the city where if you collected them, they would give you a list of things from different vehicles that you needed to create a mystery object. some of these mystery objects could include hood mounted machine guns, knee cappers, plated metal windows, oil slicks, wheelie bars, and spiked bumpers (overall killing machine parts). It could be a bit of fun mowing peds over with a truck that looks something out of death race.

What Gets Modified
headers, turbo chargers, superchargers, NITROS, chips, air cleaners,V6, V8, V10, V12, straight six, straight 8 engine block options and exhaust system . All of these options contribute to speed, rumble and acceleration of a vehicle.
Light weight chassis, shock absorbers, transaxles, ride height, and hydraulics.
Gear ratios, back fire amount, how fast gears change, automatic or standard transmission, and if the car is front or rear wheel drive. (Wheelie option if unlocked for muscle)
Wheels and Dimensions
Rims, tires, rim sizes, tire sizes, ride height?, brakes, and tire pressure

Body kits (front bumpers, back bumpers, side scoops) hood options, roof options (scoops, vinyl, convertible, sunroof, all glass roof) , lights, chrome extras, vents, doors, spoilers, exhaust options, window options, tint, fenders, neon, and wheel covers.
Paint shop
Paint interior, engine, rims, body, chassis, brakes, and trim any color desired. Vinyl and decals
Seats, dash, tach and speedometer, gauges, sound and stereo, steering wheels, neon, and roll cage

And After all, the name is Grand Theft Auto; cars should be a major aspect of the game
Posted 05:51 on 10 May 2011
StoneP's Avatar


OMFG i almost forgot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a very essential key to the game would be silenced weapones to be able to have a sneak mode type of thing or kindov like a splintercell/assassin's creed type of thing
and im only talking about the skill of the shadows for splinter cell
i mean comon how fun would it be :)
Posted 07:29 on 24 March 2011
StoneP's Avatar


i couldnt hold my silence any longer lol
i never do these blog things but i couldnt help it
GTA is one of my top 3 games allong with dynasty warriors and COD
u all had some pretty interseting ideas
personally for me i would like to see more of a character customization
add more cars more weapons and be able to trick them out not just like san andres but really pimp them out u know lol
i wanna see some dismemberment.I mean if have a machine gun and i have alot of cops/zombies in front of me i would like to do serious damage plus a bunch of crawlers would be cool
life like in that way
along with the dismemberment a ZOMBIE mode not just a little areas though....cough cough undead nightmare i mean thoes things shoud be everywhere and im not talking about 10 zombies were in a city guys
ROCKSTAR please think about it lol......hit me back
Posted 07:01 on 24 March 2011
jimbop1911's Avatar


I think it would be good to have to go to prison if you get arrested. there seems to be prisons in alot of the games, but they are just there to visit people you know. while you are in prison, you have to deal with gangs using no wepons, or every day objects. also, while in prison there could be little side missions to earn respect rather than money. With this interactive prison, you can break people out, or, if you are serving a lengthy sentance, some of your friends can break you out. sentances given to you are based on crimes commited, and range from a day, up to a couple of weeks (in game time). You should be able to invite your friends to visit you, while they are there, it is an intereactive conversation where you could possibly arrange your break out. what do you think?
Posted 11:00 on 05 December 2010
skralogy's Avatar


1: character is dishonorly discharged from the army for killing civilians. this could describe his crazyiness. some of his ex army buddies try to help him recover but end up getting him into even more trouble
2: map. It would be cool if it was vice city with the florida keys, cuba, haiti, and columbia. each region would have its own attributes like vice city would be well developed with good cop presence, while haiti and cuba would be poor with no cops and columbia would have powerful drug lords with paramilitary presence.
3: Tons of vehicles. f1, nascar, dune buggies, trophy baja trucks, supermotos, rock crawlers, top fuel dragsters, motogp bikes, trial bikes, go fast boats, yachts, military, drug smuggling subs, planes, jets, stunt planes, exotics, muscle, and of course little boring civilian cars to round it out.
4: tons of weapons. everything from previous games and add machine pistols, light machine guns, heavy machine guns (50 cal m2's)mines (proximity and trip activated) c4 TASER ( lets hear someone say " dont tase me bro!"). with accesories that you can add to them like scopes suppressors, different barrels (for accuracy) lasers and bayonets.
5. pick and pull items. what if you can take things off one vehicle, item or weapon and add it to another. make a mud racer from a top fuel dragster engine and a rock crawler body. or make a molotov with alcohol and a handkerchief. or make a 50 cal assualt rifle. basically taking attributes from one item and adding it to another.
6: skills. learn skills to add to your characters abilities. like mechanic, gunsmith, racer, pilot, hacker, business sense, parkour, hand to hand combat. for instance learning mechanic would allow you to pick and pull items off vehicles and mod them. with gunsmth you can pick and pull items for guns. racer increases your driving skill and allows you to race for money. hacker you can create websites for profit or hack bank accounts.
7: create your own plot: decide who you associate with, how you make your money and what businesses you get involved with. kill or save characters to branch to another story.
8: business. buy existing businesses or create your own by buying property and using your skills to expand it. decide to conduct legitimate businesses like mechanics garages, gun shops or banks. or conduct illegal businesses like drug dealing, arms dealing, loan sharking or PIMPING ( keep yo pimp hand strong!) also buy plots of land and build structure on them to suit your needs( mansions, airfields, grow ops, gang head quarters) or convert existing buildings you bought to asset properties like businesses or garages etc
9: gangs with hierarchy and territories. work your way up the gang ladder and expand territory for your gang. or destroy gangs and create your own
10: build connections. become friends with business owners, politicians, drug lords, celebrities. by doing favors and reap the benefits of their positions.
11. create a crew. hand pick a group of guys to work for you. they can do missions for you, deliver vehicles or weapons you own, pick you up and transport you somewhere. or assign them tasks like buy up property or attack a gang. the more power you have the more men you can control.
12. reputation: depending on your actions characters may or may not want to associate with you this makes you have to try harder and do more favors for them to prove you want to work with them. If you act like a phsyco only phsycos will want to associate with you.
13. dynamic items: have items like a handkerchief or ski mask that can hide your identity to not affect your reputation. or screwdrivers that can fix vehicles or stab things. backpacks or a coat to hold more items. any item can be stolen off a npc or bought. you can also steal npc clothes to lower your wanted level.
14. hand to hand combat. improved hand to hand with grappeling, throws, disarms, holding hostage or shield, picking up objects and using them for waepons. and multiple enemy combat.

thats all i can think of right now hope rockstar is listening
Posted 07:19 on 18 September 2010
todd1990's Avatar


i dont know if its been mention i havent read every previous comment but i dont wanna sound over the top but i wouldnt mind something to do with natural disasters...for eg. if a fire is lit, it doesnt go out in 10 seconds it may continue spreading till its a wild blaze unless the local fire department is able to put it out.....or tremors or small earthquakes that cause cracks through roads......or even once in a while some snow wouldnt be too bad be a change of environment to let the player play in
Posted 02:20 on 10 September 2010
Gta_Gamer90's Avatar


Brilliant Ideas Video Gamer and ive got some to. Maybe you could have a job and have a virtual life just like your ideas. if theres roadworks they should be fixed. Maybe Some Snow,Hailstones,Thunder and Lighting taht could kill you. customizing options such as build a car buy lots of clothes buy houses find friends in internet cafes. Go On Holiday To europe or africa or keep Niko Belic and go back to russia. Fly Planes Definetley. More Real Cars such as ferraris vauxhalls bugattis zondas lambos these would be great. Lastly people have to be more real because i followed a taxi in gta4 and the person didnt get out he just kept going so they need to have houses.

P.s i would love it if gta 5 came out in late 2010 early 2011
Posted 14:37 on 09 July 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ peter

If they brought back the clothing changes from GTA san andreas I'd freak out

Just goes to show how exciting your life is...
Posted 09:39 on 27 June 2010
pyr0path's Avatar

pyr0path@ peter

peter, your opinion is nothing more that your OPINION. i think the op did a great job at throwing out some ideas for rockstar and myself and anyone else who has been a true gta fan could not agree with him more because most of his ideas are things that every true gta fan has wanted since the beginning. having heard your OPINION i've jumped the gun and concluded that you are nothing more than a hapless troll with no whereabouts. get lost.
Posted 09:24 on 27 June 2010
alexW15's Avatar


I think there should be a way to replay missions, you could pause the game and select a story mission and automatically be able to do it. The same should apply for cutscenes
Posted 02:31 on 20 March 2010
devilking1994's Avatar


people people stop arguing i believe everyone's ideas are good but i believe that gta should go in to 2 different types of gta
1) make it feel more real like houses business and consequences if you kill some one and consequences if you blow places up

2) i believe that is type of gta should be the same as it is now but better graphics but with no consequences so the same type as all the other gta games before it

so what do people think about my idea and what do people think these two types of gta would be called

like gtac and normal gta both called number 5 but different places you no what i mean ????gtac would mean
grand theft auto consequences

and gta would be the normal one aka
grand theft auto

what do you lot think

do not get me wrong thought i still belive that gta should be more realistic

to benH7649
i think your ideas r bad asst man good ideas id love more f**king gore ha ha ha blow someones brains out across the f**king wall ha ha ha
Posted 19:11 on 27 November 2009
xaviertidus's Avatar


I would like to see changes to how the NPCs act to violence:

1) missing body parts, and the NPCs screaming about their particular injury (ahhh my arm... or something like that)
2) begging for mercy, if you point a gun at them they should just do more than just stand there with their arms in the air looking brain dead, ppl drop to the ground/knees and start pleading, bring that sh*t on.
3) mess.... im sorry but when i am doing laps along the main drag in that big ass airplane towing vehicle mowing ppls down left right front and centre i expect to still see all the mess when i turn around and come back.
4) traffic jams, you should definitely see traffic jam up as it normally would in response to an accident.
5) Police actually doing their jobs... lol (an oxymoron i know lol) but when i ram someone's car and eject their ass from the vehicle through the windshield and a walking cop is right next to it, why the hell am i not in serious trouble?
6) Police brutality, i wanna cop blows to the kidneys when i get arrested.
7) I love the whole idea of speed cameras and stuff great :)
8) better and worse drivers! Why cant the driving AI be a tonne better? and in saying that, why arent their any learner drivers out there? id love to go on a driver's ed killing spree.
9) Lo-jacks.... that would be a great addition to anti GTA car security, car alarms are so 90s.
10) food and drink... you should have the requirement to eat and drink in the game, or you suffer mal nutrition which would be similar to being drunk i guess.
11) I like the petrol idea, you should be able to visit petrol stations and have your car run out of gas.

lets not kid around here, gta is better more realistic, if you want a happy go lucky city then play sims, if you want the easy gamer life go play pac man, and if ur some pathetic loser still living at home in ur mom's basement continue playing your wankers of warcraft. but if you are a real gamer with a 'gamer bloodlust' like me lets root for more realistic GTA. Rockstar Rockon!
Posted 08:34 on 13 September 2009

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