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We've played GTA 4 to exhaustion here at and already thought of the kind of content we want added to the game on top of the Xbox 360 episodes. We got thinking though: what do we want from GTA 5? In keeping with how GTA 3 spawned only unnumbered sequels on the PS2, we're guessing that GTA 5 will be launched on the next generation of systems in the winter of 2014. So here's our Top 10: Ideas that will make GTA 5 on PS4 mind blowing.

10. Facial scanning

Imagine playing multiplayer GTA with your friends. Not just random-faced virtual avatars but in-game characters that look like the spitting image of your mates. By the next generation of consoles we expect face scanning will have come on a bit from Rainbow Six Vegas and that your face will be faithfully recreated in the game. I can picture the cooperative bank jobs now. Just imagine sitting in the getaway vehicle as three of your mates come charging out of the bank's double doors. It would help immersion no end.

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Yellow_Smiley's Avatar


sorry, i dont mean to sound like a dickhead, but i disagree with all of your suggestions. GTA 5 should be nothing like GTA IV, cause to be hounest, it sucked.
11) dont use stupidly high rquirements, keep it simple!
10) More peds in GTA 5
9) use rubbish graphics again, like in III, vice city and SA, they were nice and simple.
8) good weapons, gta iv had too few weapons, there should be a combination of vice city and san andreas weapons.
7) be able to walk into shops without going into a checkpoint, like vice city.
6) one set of collectables, not one for each city like GTA SA.
5) credit cards, need i say more?
4) lose the realism. GTA isnt about realism, it should be about as much unrealistic stuff as possible. miniguns, tanks, complete rampages, just fun.
3) a city you can connect with. keep the city large, but not too large that you never feel at home in it.
2) diving. bring back sea and sky diving, there were brilliant in SA.
1) bring back the "GTA feeling". put the feeling of owning the city back into GTA like in vice city, by owning mansions, properties, buisness etc.
thats my opinion anyway, gta III, vice city and SA were works of art, but GTA IV just lost its way. R* got too obbsessed with graphics, engines and realistic stuff etc, they forgot to make it a GTA game.
Posted 22:09 on 24 June 2009
juke's Avatar


i think that they should set GtaV in vice city or san andreas because it would be cool to travel back gtaIV they even metion vice city so that means it exists in this version/timeline..and i agree with people who say we should be able to customize our cars.. that would be cool.. traveling country to country would be retarted.. how about traveling city to city.. like traveling from vice city to liberty city....also some thing i really dont get is why rockstar released the dlc for gtaIV only on xbox360...360 sucks!!!!!
Posted 21:07 on 20 June 2009
seanthemon's Avatar

seanthemon@ robinho10

I think you should be able to call them and get free food if your food is terrible, or you just dont like it.
Posted 20:57 on 03 June 2009
seanthemon's Avatar


My idea of how to improve GTA on any console is to make things more realistic such as.... You pull up to a gas station to pump gas into your car, but you drive off without going inside or using a check/credit card to pay. The cops are alerted, and they search all over for your license number/make and model of your car that they got from the security cameras. They should also be able to run the license number and get the address, and any other information that they need. Another thing is if the cops are after you they shouldnt just dissappear after you leave that little circle for a fewe seconds like they have in GTA4. The cops should be able to find you by the make, model, color, license just like real life. Just think about this, and let me know what you think. I know it would be difficult or tough to make a game like this, but look what they are doing with the project Natal...You dont even need a controller to play??? Kind of scary in a way, but cool in a way too. This will be the best selling game if they would do this. You should also be able to go into any building(not just certain building such as the comedy club, burgershot, or the gun shop just to name a few.
Posted 20:53 on 03 June 2009
lil-icee's Avatar


dame i posted a commet and i cant do it again. it was way to long.
Posted 23:19 on 27 May 2009
lil-icee's Avatar


guys i saw a dream about the gta 5. it goes like this: you biggin in a place were you lose your job, the job is a undercover cop. some one is hacking your records and triying to make you a illigal alian. The place is a police department. Then one night you dicide to go to a bar, there you see a police officer calling you names, you cant take it so you try to beat the sh*t out of him, not nowing he has a gang. 1 hour past by the officer and his gang arrive and mess up your face. then the screen blacks out and you apper another sceen, this time your in a hospital and your face is covered with bandages and gouz. Then you costomize your charecter with faces, body, accents, fighting types, race, skin color, and 5 hair cuts. when your done, they say your all good and you leave. When you go to your apartment the guy that owns it says were are you going, you say im going to my room, now step aside i was in the hospital for along time. him not reconazing your face then he says, mike(name i chose) is that you, you say, yea man. then he says its been 2 years since saw you. you then say wtf are you talking about. he says,,, come here for a minute..........(then the song bring me to life song plays in the back round) he basicly shows you pictures of the gang thats terrorizing liberty city(in my dream the city is the same as in gta4 i guess) the same gang that almost killed you. Your basicly dead and you cant go no were, you got no money, nothing, but somehow the hospital let you go. You start out street racing for money, doing missions. All kinds of jobs you can think of, and thats how you live there, get on top of missions to aliminate the officer and his gang army, with incredeble amount of suprises, but you have a long way to go. im my dream the game is soooooo nice its basccicle, true life:nyc, burn notice, crank:high voaltege, wanted and midnight club 3 dub editoin remix all put todether, this game has some twisted ends, you meet niko and patrik mcreary, for some reason. The costomazation is intens and great cheats. When you beat the whole game you get this other kinda thing were your in school and you can be a girl or a boy, all the way to pre-scool to colladge. its so fun. every one who wants the new game to be like this copy and paste everything i wrote. Could i be a great gta diactor? Eni Dervishi. copy and past in youtube or anyother website so my dream could be exposd to the world.
Posted 03:47 on 26 May 2009
lil-icee's Avatar

lil-icee@ Player 2

exactly ps4 will comeout in 2011-2013. and xbox 720 will come out in 2011. and gta 5 will come out in 2010 fall. so yea your right. if you want links to see these future game systems just tell me ok. i know that there will be a psp 4000, and a nintendo ds 2, and i dono about the wii.
Posted 01:32 on 26 May 2009
lcsmiller's Avatar


easy what they need to do to the game is you can marry, have kids, buy cars, houses, jewrly, get credic cards, cutomize cars, customize your house, brake into houses, get different cell phones, get jobs, get animals, do drugs, if we shoot someonet in the leg they should not be able to get up. ok i im done
Posted 00:19 on 10 May 2009
tohplayer's Avatar


i think there should be 2 versions one where people who like relism can have the ultimate realism and people who want silly unreal stuff can have that
Posted 22:27 on 08 May 2009
robinho10's Avatar


You should be able to call a restaurant or fast food place and have them send you your food or tell them to make it and you will pick it up.And one more thing i think you should be able to hire security for your job or housefor $60 an hour
Posted 17:22 on 04 May 2009
darkritual's Avatar


the idea 5 is really good i have think about that before but i think in the next gta we should choose our own story like become a cop or a drug dealer or work in the burgershot..
Posted 00:55 on 16 April 2009
Ruinous's Avatar

Ruinous@ Beyourselfmert

I realy like some of your ideas..... But the one about people working for is not good... I think that would be boring, like to do it my self. But you could start your own company, and live a real life would be cool.. beacuse when you are done whit GTA IV it was nothing left to do but Multiplayer. It was a short game..

But I like your ideas :D
Posted 22:13 on 22 March 2009
robinho10's Avatar


and he should be able to get a phone book and call businesses for jobs or to get food or buy a car or some thing else
Posted 23:25 on 21 March 2009
robinho10's Avatar


The character should be able to buy any phone and buy any house and pay his rent for the house and phone or if you want to include to pay the rent
Posted 23:24 on 21 March 2009
robinho10's Avatar


The Character Should Be Able To Get A Haircut And Choose Any Style And If He Doesnt Get A Haircut His Hair Should Grow And you Should Be Able To get Jel For his hair and put his hair in any style
Posted 23:23 on 21 March 2009

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