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We've played GTA 4 to exhaustion here at and already thought of the kind of content we want added to the game on top of the Xbox 360 episodes. We got thinking though: what do we want from GTA 5? In keeping with how GTA 3 spawned only unnumbered sequels on the PS2, we're guessing that GTA 5 will be launched on the next generation of systems in the winter of 2014. So here's our Top 10: Ideas that will make GTA 5 on PS4 mind blowing.

10. Facial scanning

Imagine playing multiplayer GTA with your friends. Not just random-faced virtual avatars but in-game characters that look like the spitting image of your mates. By the next generation of consoles we expect face scanning will have come on a bit from Rainbow Six Vegas and that your face will be faithfully recreated in the game. I can picture the cooperative bank jobs now. Just imagine sitting in the getaway vehicle as three of your mates come charging out of the bank's double doors. It would help immersion no end.

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benH7649's Avatar


i think gta iv is a good game but wasnt happy that you cant go and have a tattoo done and there isnt and gym. i hope a new gta comes out and if there does you should make the cars as thay are in real life and change the country have it in the self coast like london all the way to portsmoth that would be good make the grafickes as good as you can get it

1.Why cant we have jobs and offices so we can earn money with that jobs.

2.When police arrested us.Why dont we go to prison.So we can stay in there for 4(:D) or 5 days or we can escape from prison somehow

3.Why cant we marry with a woman that we love

4.why cant we use some peaple to do our jobs for us like they give us jobs.

5. the pay n spray should change your car 2 toned

6. you should change the way you do the cars up you it should be like neep for speed underground

if all that happons it will be amazing game :)
Posted 23:57 on 31 August 2009
JackDude's Avatar

JackDude@ Killguru

I came up with the best idea have different main characters in different cities because then you get the best of both worlds because you have characters that satisfy everyone and you can go to all your favourite cities it should be Chicago-black gangster L.A-rich crime lord San Fran-Poor immigrant Vegas-Gangs in control of casinos and Hawaii-Corrupt cop
Posted 02:16 on 24 August 2009
dylan123's Avatar


some of these ideas are a little dumb like talking to npcs whos going to do that i mean your not going to run around and talk to everyone also why should the npcs go to and from work i doubt youll follow them around it will be dumb to also be able to blow up buildings because if you blow them up they will be a hell load of road blocks and you wouldent drive anywhere and the npcs struggling for money wtf are you just going to watch them all day i think your asking for a hell of a lot of realism and no body wants too much of that in a game however the ideas of car customisation and flying tlo europe and all shops will be accessable
Posted 09:28 on 18 August 2009
guyderman's Avatar


invite the girl-friends into homes & hang out with em n friends than goin to d girls homes all d time,get married,we need to see animals n maybe kids

so you what you're saying is that you want to play Sims - not GTA.

I say forget all this realism crap and concentrate on making a good solid fun game! - it was the move towards realism that made San Andreas get dull quick - Vice City was way more entertaining.
Posted 14:54 on 13 August 2009
nubiandiva's Avatar

nubiandiva@ Alpcan

yes alpcan i agree wit u, GTA producers shud def look into dis,we need all this new tings, to make it look more real, and even invite the girl-friends into homes & hang out with em n friends than goin to d girls homes all d time,get married,we need to see animals n maybe kids, i tink i've seen a pregnant girl in broker n dukes, or maybe she wuz jst fat, yep we need all u've mention even a few more,also like more fun hangout spots to spice it up a bit.
Posted 14:50 on 13 August 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


I think what they need to improve on are the physics or "destructability" not only for the environment which i am not really bothered about but the bodily dismeberment or atleast have an option to have GORE MODE so that when you hit someone with a car they literally liquidise right before you or body parts go flying around. But not to the extent of rediculous FPS game on ps3 and 360, i believe it was called, "Soldier Of Fortune: Payback".

And they could introduce a fix for the RPG's where they glide along the floor, which is very annoying indeed.
Posted 19:06 on 05 August 2009
kilmac's Avatar


the realism shouldnt go should be able to buy houses,cars,customize em might take money but ll make a lot advanced killing more paying robberies ability to make own decisions like eg if ur on a mission to deliver drugs and get 10 k u should kill ur partner and take the drugs to sell em for tons of money but make enemies ill post some new things l8r
Posted 18:54 on 05 August 2009
ALLhailBEN7's Avatar


I hate it that, when you're arrested it skips straight to you outside of the jail. They should have you do things in jail: eat, sleep, play basketball, start riots, break out. They should also have missions that use the jail: break a friend out, kill/threaten guard/warden, kill enemy in jail. The jail would add some consequence or challenge, fewer repetitive missions, and a new level of fun to the game. I have been wanting this for a long time now. I would mostly WANT to go to jail if they include that. I
Posted 11:49 on 04 August 2009
tyler325's Avatar


best game ever- better graphics
creat `ur own person
choose 1940s 1960s 1970s 1980 1990 2000s
choose normal or exciting
exciting-choose from liberty city or san andreas
start out bad choose gang or mob
choose level of crime like bank robber car jacker kidnapper or mugger
free travel 2 the other citys
all building enterable
building damage
police dont get on u 4 bumping them
coustom cars
Posted 02:02 on 29 July 2009
GTA4EVER's Avatar


my ideas 4 it would be:

1. real cars like BMW, Honda, Ferrari etc.

2. customisations that change the car, like new engines that give the car more speed and acceleration.

3. more variations of pedestrians

4. bigger place like a state so like california or texas etc.

5. realistic reactions, like if someone gets shot they will react more realisticly and if someone dies then someone might ring an ambulance.

6. instead of being given a character u can modify how he/she looks and also size and age

7. you should be able to go into all buildings instead of certain ones

8. schools, kids, school buses etc.

9. natural disasters, tornados hurricanes etc.

10. realistic cops and more cop stars, so killing someone wont get you 1 cop star but more like 3-5 etc.
Posted 23:08 on 26 July 2009


good point i was thinking the same
Posted 18:29 on 14 July 2009


well good ideas but the crators of ps3 said it will take 10 years for another
Posted 18:28 on 14 July 2009
stylin0's Avatar


What i would think would make good in GTA5 would be...

1) cars "indicating" when they turn (blinkers)
2) player should be able to choose if the traffic goes left side drive or right side drive (to incorporate other countries

just some suggestions...
Posted 16:40 on 14 July 2009
Alaa100Druze's Avatar


I've got the best idea, I think. Imagine a continuation of GTA 4... It will take place in London (or somewhere else in EU.) Roman's son or daughter will be born there... the rest is up to rockstar :-D
Posted 13:03 on 29 June 2009
Yellow_Smiley's Avatar

Yellow_Smiley@ lcsmiller

"easy what they need to do to the game is you can marry, have kids, buy cars, houses, jewrly, get credic cards, cutomize cars, customize your house, brake into houses, get different cell phones, get jobs, get animals, do drugs,"
Posted 22:12 on 24 June 2009

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