Grand Theft Auto IV Articles for Xbox 360

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Testing Times - Part 1 article

Testing Times - Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, looks at the making – and umaking – of the industry's biggest names and games. This week, a former tester takes us behind the scenes at one of gaming's biggest heavyweights...

7 Publish date Posted Nov 9
GTA 5: 11 Little Things You Need To Know article

GTA 5: 11 Little Things You Need To Know

It's not always the big moments that make a game. Where GTA 5 is concerned, the smaller, more personal touches are just as important.

7 Publish date Posted Sep 16 Plays September 13, 2013 article Plays September 13, 2013

The ups and downs of's playing week...

10 Publish date Posted Sep 13
GTA 5 Essentials #1: Vehicles and Multiplayer article

GTA 5 Essentials #1: Vehicles and Multiplayer

People moaned about GTA 4's steering, but it added a layer of skill to multiplayer it would be sad to lose.

15 Publish date Posted Jul 5
GTA's Best Trailers article

GTA's Best Trailers runs down the best trailers from the GTA series, before 5's new character promos destroy the internet.

2 Publish date Posted Apr 30
Best Video Game Trailers 2011 article

Best Video Game Trailers 2011

Our pick of the video game trailers that got us excited.

16 Publish date Posted Dec 21 2011
The debut GTA trailers article

The debut GTA trailers

We've grouped together the debut trailers for every GTA game released since GTA 3. Which one is your favourite?

7 Publish date Posted Nov 3 2011
What we want from GTA 5 article

What we want from GTA 5

With an official announcement for the next game rumoured for this summer, it surely won't be long before hard details surface. Here are our thoughts on what we want from the next Grand Theft Auto.

24 Publish date Posted Jul 12 2011 Plays article Plays

What we've been playing this week.

17 Publish date Posted Apr 3 2011
Rockstar Redemption article

Rockstar Redemption

Lessons that can be learned for GTA 5

6 Publish date Posted Jun 2 2010
Action Hero Face-off article

Action Hero Face-off

Who is better: the video game action hero or the movie action star?

10 Publish date Posted Apr 13 2010

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